Alternating streaks


All month I’ve been stuck around rank 13. Which is fine. But I’ve noticed that at 14 I’ll consistently win and get up to 12. Then at 12 I’ll lose 6-7 games in a row and get knocked down to 14, at which point I start winning again. So is matchmaking different if you’ve been winning or losing your most recent games? Because when I’m rank 13 going up I tend to do pretty well, but when I’m rank 13 going down I mostly lose. By a lot. And these back to back streaks will happen with the same deck, and I’ve had this happen with multiple decks.


So are you saying game purposely matches you against the opponents that have statistically the highest chance of beating you? Why would they do that, and why at such specific rank?

It’s just variance.


Maybe rank 13 and arround is just your current level. You can’t go farther because you need to improve, and can’t go back because you are also good enough.

That’s what a matchmaking is supposed to do.


No, I’m saying since I was just on a win streak, the game is overestimating my skills and uses the 10 or so most recent games in addition to just the current rank.

@norfemignissius: Like I said, I’m fine with being at 13, but I would expect to win/lose 1-3 games between each loss/win. I’ve been going 7-8, which seems weird.


The game just matches you up based on rank, the longer your queue is the more acceptingly the game will match you up with oppnents with higher rank difference. Win and Loss streaks don’t influence that directly.


It’s also possible you go on tilts when you lose, and winning puts you at feeling good.

At about rank 12 you do run into a lot more gold players though, so there’s that.


I had a pretty similar experience, once I hit rank 11 I would start a losing streak and go back to rank 12. Then at rank 12 I’d go on a winning streak and shoot back up to rank 11. Repeated a few times before I broke through into gold. Though in my case it could just be due to the game matching up vs. gold players at rank 11.


That’s probably it then. I know it shows your opponents’ division, but I hadn’t thought to track it.