Alternate Win Conditions


Do you think Alternate Win conditions would be fun in this game, if so, what would you want?
Personally, i really like mill decks in other games.


The game isn’t designed in a way where mill would ever work, for the better. Iunno, personally I’m satisfied with the amount of different wincons in the game. Nothing I really want comes to mind. Maybe something like Anyfin Can Happen Paladin from HS but mech decks are pretty similar to that so w/e.


I personally wouldn’t like alternate win conditions, unless it was a minion which was really well designed.


Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing some, but they should remain in the realm of “fun” versus “competitive”. Magic does this pretty well with some minions that win the game if they are on your board at the start of your turn AND you meet the conditions (like X life above starting). There are also artifacts with X number of counters on them win the game. Those types of things, if supported, could be fun to play and break up the monotony.


Maybe. Unlike card games the board is what makes this game what it is. It’s supposed to have a FF tactics, or warhameresqe unit war feel to it. So unless they are very reliant on the board to work, something like: 0/6 Structure: At the start of your turn win the game if you occupy all four corners.


Some other ideas

Minion: 6 cost 1/1 forcefield: if this minion succesfully does damage 6 times win the game.

Minion: 6 cost: 1/1: Spell Immune: If this unit succesfully damages the enemy general you win.

Minion: 8 Cost: 1/1: Infiltrate: at the start of your turn win the game.


Duelyst does have a few strange win conditions, but all of these involve dealing damage in unique ways. For example, Creep decks win by generating enough creep and playing a payoff card, Spellhai casts a bunch of spells and gains additional benefits from casting them, Combo decks are combo decks, and Spinecleaver can potentially lead to a new and interesting type of deck. However, these are mainly just variants on the same win condition (deal 25 damage) and just do it in a roundabout way.

As such, we can probably expect to see new and innovative ways to deal 25 damage over the course of the game but truly different alternative win conditions are less likely.


Wow, there really cool ideas.
I thought having a set of 6 cards that once you got into your hand would win you the game, kind of like exodia from yu-gi-oh, could be fun. prehaps to balance it. you could have those 6 cards have an effect like "you can only have one “?” in your deck for each of the 6. Or you activate a spell, that puts the 6 of them in your deck.


Sorry don’t mean to put down your idea, but that doesent use the board so it has no place in this tactical unit based game. All fine and dandy for card games, but let’s not mess with what makes this game unique the, board. Spellhai is bad enough as it is.


good point, still tho, i think alternate win conditions can put you in very different playstyles.


They can be fun, and having to worry about their existence has a neat but strange balancing factor in the game, as if you build your deck to where it crushes most things but looses to alternates that’s your fault.

If they ever exist they should use the board and not detract from the game, they should also probably not be truely competive


You could have it so that you need to have them all on the board at the same time.


A little better, but then magmar/abyss would just hold onto them and ramp them all out in one turn.

Sides we already have our play 5 guys exodia style win and that’s mechazor.


8 mana spell: If 25 creep spaces are on the board, win the game.


That would be similar to existing rush combos though, but with less counter-play. There is currently no hand discard ability. Combos also require mana so make the win-con more late game. Would need some other condition or you could get super lucky and win super early.
Speaking of Yu-Gi-Oh you reminded me of Destiny Board. Something that can stick on the board and win after X turns if not removed.


we already have that. its called obliterate.


I don’t know that I would introduce alt. wincons with card abilities in the the current game modes. Perhaps alt. game modes or challenges with existing cards.


Theres definitely open options for interesting new win conditions. Off the top of my head, for example:

Bringer of Ruin
Bringer (tag, like Vespyr)
5 mana
If all 4 corners are occupied by an allied Bringer at the beginning of your turn, you win the game.

Bringer of Death
5 mana
If all 4 corners are occupied by an allied Bringer at the beginning of your turn, you win the game.

Bringer of Despair
5 mana
If all 4 corners are occupied by an allied Bringer at the beginning of your turn, you win the game.

Bringer of Wrath
5 mana
If all 4 corners are occupied by an allied Bringer at the beginning of your turn, you win the game.


Looks like people have different definitions of what a “win condition” is

I’d like to see more game modes, where the condition for winning the match is something other than “reduce the enemy general’s health to 0”. Maybe something like having to destroy a specific minion that’s protected by other enemy minions and you have a certain amount of turns to do it before, uh, the board explodes or something.

As for broken/cheesy/interesting card combos/strategies for winning a match, the players will do that on their own as more cards are added to the game.


Like the Challenges?