Alternate skins = what prismatic should be like?


Today i saw my new Keeper of the Value, and yesterday i saw sarlac, and i honestly think this is the best way to give alternate cards.

I never liked prismatics, i make them spirits right away. Not only here, but in any game that i played. And yet, when i saw those alternate versions, i was really really impressed.
They not only look great, but so fresh and unique to this game, it actually makes me want to collect them.

I bet they are tons harder to make than prismatic, but they just look so nice. And i honestly think this is the way to go for “prismatic” cards and again, thats so duelyst, i love it.

what you guys think? would you like to see more? I even imagined a “Prismatic redesing monthly contest” jajajaja

BTW: thanks CPG for the bundle :smiley:


The skins are so much nicer than the prismatic. But it is nice CPG gave us a way to get extra spirit out of orbs, cause let’s be honest, you weren’t going to keep that 4th blaze hound anyway.


Dark Keeper made me smile, matched better with my Abyssians. I agree with the OP changing the skins rather than a barely different rainbow prism would be great in the future.


If CPG was able to create and animate all of these awsome cards, then recolor their models shouldn’t be so hard. I know it’s a lot of work but they didn’t add anything to animations or model, they just recolored them and they look so awsome :smiley: Imo CPG should think about using alternate skins same as prismatic are now.


Alternate colors for units instead of prismatic is something I have suggested a long time ago and would be so much better in every single way.

In fact CP has promised alternate colors back in the days of the kickstarter:


Unfortunately new colors might be misleading for new players who have no idea about which card belongs to which class, that’s why we need new card backgrounds for each faction if we want those recolored units get into game :confused:


Im not sure about totally recoloring faction units, but the alter skins have been neutral so far and dont really change de look, so it gets to be nice since you can still tell which card it is and at the same time have a cool looking new stuff.

I also think it could get problematic yo make this skins for every card, but like sell alt skins of several neutral cards doesnt seem bad.

Also, not sure if the only one that thought of this, but i actually felt like playing keeper of the vale again.


wait. rogue warden used to be a lyonar minion? was it basically the same minion as it is now or was it better?


I would like to be able to craft the alt skins though.

Wait, can you? I don’t know if you can…


Yes to the first question and no freaking idea for the second.


Sarlac… Darn now I want that PAX skin Sarlac too :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah I agree, it would be very awesome :slight_smile:


On the topic of alternative colours for minions, I recall making a post long ago on Team Colours for minions, being able to select (or not) your colour and all minions appearing as such. I also recall it could’ve been a solution to something I never anticipated; colour-blindness.

In terms of how to make prismatics look better, what about an effect on the sprite? My first thought would be to the ‘Reflective Dye’ they have in Terraria, giving the sprite a metallic sheen.