Altered a bunch of images in the Art Kit to make backgrounds for anyone interested. Requests are welcome


The Art Kit is avaliable for download, and there is also the ArtStation online. I used a basic image editing program(Lunapic Chrome Addon) to apply the filters. If anyone wants anything specific done let me know and I can probably do it tomorrow since I have a day off. If you don’t like flashy colors then most of these aren’t for you but still take a look as there are some less tacky looking ones too :grin:

Duelyst Art Kit DL Link-

Duelyst ArtStation-

Lyonar Crest-

Abyssian C-

Magmar C-

Rae (Vet Pet)-
Sajj- (original taken from reddit user)

Mechaz0r Family-



I’m definitely digging the stained glass mechaz0r-

All glory to the mecha-jesus


Wow sooo cool! Done some easy glitch (I’ m a glitch/collage artist) hope to do something more when I find time!


My eyes are hurty :cry:


i really want to use those as my desktop background, do you have a 1080p variant of these?


It takes like 10 seconds to make these. I am not very knowledgeable about this type of stuff, but what I can do is tell you how to make them. If you are interested I can give you short instructions on what I did, and you can alter them yourself and pick the images and effects you want. There is also slider bar to select what % of the effect you want if they are too flashy.


sure i hope it’s simple enough for my tiny mind lol.


It is extremely simple. Just a few steps.

  1. Using Google Chrome, download the Lunapic Extension for Chrome.

  2. Just right click on any picture you see in your browser and select “Edit with Lunapic”

  3. Resize to what you want. Most of the Art Kit pictures are in pretty high quality, not sure what the resolution is though. I think I set all of mine to 1600x900

  4. Look at the tabs on the top bar. All of the effects that I chose were under the “Art” tab


Resized to 300x300 with Chalkboard Effect.

If you want to upload a picture from your computer rather than online then go here: and click the blue “Browse” button and select the files.

Really easy for the amount of cool it can bring you.

If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


cool man, thanks a lot i’ll try it out.


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