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Alphas resignation Owo


Alpha is a little tired I guess.
Ding dong ddos dude is done.
For now Owo

Also, should this be media and events?


And so another Songhai Lord fades into the shadows…


King onyx, jay, alpha. Do we have anyone left?

Hope you won’t leave us @loliconartist!


Kinda makes you think about just what kind of people Songhai mains are though.


@alplod im a stick around for awhile. That being said, I have plans to do a basics to s series sometime in the near future. Should I start with songhai?


Do whatever you feel more fun, just please don’t leave :disappointed_relieved:


Songhai mains (i should include myself) are lacking un the long game.
But i main vanar even more so long game is a game.



Here with you degenerates in spirit fam.


fuck you all. K thnx bye


I see you too studied the school of Cranky, he taught us well.


Sorry, @owlbeastmd, but you didn’t answer me in miguel’s thread, so I buried you :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, @eurasianjay

Glad to see it was a mistake. Or by being with us in spirit… hm…

Zombies everywhere…


Salutations, still deader than mobile I’m afraid.


Doing better than BetaCentury I guess.


what happened to Jogda?


Oh boy is this my chance to shine and smacktalk the most overhyped and irrelevant red mage in our games short history!

Jokes aside people leave/stop playing for different reasons, like some, Jogda started playing the game very early which also led to the “community” he grew up with in the game leaving earlier too, which can really sour the gaming experience even with a perfect game, much less Duelyst.


Who’s Alpha?


Ironic coming from this guy


We can agree I’m a disagreeable bloke at times with strong opinions, however the love/following for a player thats rude, looks down and rubbishes virtually every other user he comes in contact with and mocks others for being lesser than him is frankly astonishing.

Jogda was the grinch of the Songhai faction and similarly like a abused spousal relationship some people would look past all that for some reason like they have Stockholm syndrome or something.

wp on the irony comment though, got a deserved chuckle, though in all honesty I was never anything other than someone who played a lot and posted here on occasion, same as the rest of you for the most part.


'Twas a joke, I agree with You, Jogda did have a good reputation for a Songhai player, not so much as a decent person. Was kind of a jerk.


Was he similar to Grinch? Jogda was before my time so I am not too sure about what kind of person he was but the way you describe him sounds very similar to Grinch.

By the way, I heard Grinch was taking a break from the game and getting some anger management therapy? Not sure what’s going on but hopefully he finds success.