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Alpha saberspine deck please

im back and one question do you guys have deck for vanar or songhai with this big tiger

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I run in Kara with Aspect of Ego.


The first place I would suggest looking is your previous thread on this exact topic. Did none of these decks appeal? :slightly_smiling_face:

If you really need a new idea for Songhai, I guess you could try jamming it in on the top end of a bursty version of Midrange Kaleos. Something like this:

As for Vanar, similarly you could force it in at the top of the curve of some random midrange build. In fact, there’s a deck from this year’s Power Rankings which runs a couple of copies:
YerBoiJosh’s Midrange Kara

Halcyon’s deck is probably something like this, a fun meme build from the Vanar thread:
Bepoest’s Rush Egotism Faie

Ego on Alpha gives you a random active 7-drop. While this is card disadvantage, and there is the chance to get the straight downgrade into Reliquarian and be sad, you also have the potential for some hilarious game-ending burst by hitting something like Paddo or Unstable Leviathan.


thanks and all those ideas are good im gonna try ebony doom and festival of the songhai trinity

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Pretty close! I also run Truesight for maximum tomfoolery.


Nether Summoning is pretty nice with Saberspine Alpha.


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