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Allomancer ¿Bug?


Well, yesterday this happened to me and im not sure if this is an actual possibility:

Where the totem stands, there was an Allomancer … and it seems my opponent didnt thought of it neither because he send confusion emotes and his turn was working around the obelysk.
Just for the record, Sajj didnt have Spinecleaver equipped.

Now, why i think it is a bug? 1st because Totem isnt an obelysk, and second, because he is a token, so it would be weird for a unit to summon this without any specific wording.


Additionally the bloodfire totem summoned by MY own allomancer in todays match, damaged MY GENERAL every turn…

I don’t think that’s how this sposed to work?!


We are aware of the bug and its on our fix list.