ALL Shimzar Cards Analysis (Not really that serious)


Hey guys, RyanH here. Just wanted to give my 2 cents about the newest 105-card expansion to hit the battlefield. Click here to check out the cards!


Slo: Battle Pet, basically Rocky Balboa but 0 cost and uncontrollable. Can be great in stalling, if the pet listens to you.

Fighting Spirit: Mediocre card. Not really what Lyonar needs to stay competitive.

Fiz: Healing Mystic but +1 attack and uncontrollable. Again, depends on behaviour.

Sun Wisp: 2/1 Cantrip, again, not what Lyonar needs.

Lucent Beam: Trying to push Healyonar, but still may not help enough.

Radiant Dragoon: Isn’t this just a weaker version of Bastion or whatever? +1 health is very negligible.

Sunforge Lancer: Now this I like. However, since it’s a minion it’s prone to dispel, and if you’re keeping it away from the front lines then it’s a tad difficult to make use of. There’s also no AOE heal, which is what Healyonar needs: quick and multiple procs of healing.

Sky Burial: Martyrdom but more gimmicky. Could see some use.

Afterblaze: Very plain but useful buff. Zeal minions are uncommon but still, plain and useful.

Ironcliffe Heart: Why though. Why would you use this instead of dropping an Ironcliffe?

Solarius: That body is so squishy. Seriously, what the actual f**k.

Dawn’s Eye: + Arclyte Regalia = so, when does your artifact break?

Sky Phanlanx: Not worth it at all. By 8 mana, 3 Knights might not be enough to save you.


Ace: Heartseeker, but based on what I see battle pets do (which is run and attack the closest enemy), not very strong.

Katara: Seems very, very strong. Better than Kaido Assassin in terms of Backstab value!

Shadow Waltz: Backstab minions aren’t that common, and things that need something to be in your hand are generally bad.

Crescent Spear: Eh. Why not just play Bloodrage Mask? I mean, the +1 attack can be useful in terms of killing 2 drop or not, but still. Eh.

Xho: It’s above-average. That’s all I’ll say. (In a good way though! Just not flashy enough.)

Crimson Coil: Inner Focus for Battle Pets, but the Pets seem kinda mediocre.

Mirror Meld: Budget Fractal Replication. Perfect for Backstab minions.

Ki Beholder: Seems pretty good, but you gotta keep in mind that movement is actually huge in this game.

Battle Panddo: Blistering Panda! Panddo Skorn? Anyways, very mediocre. Damage isn’t enough and the effect is meh.

Pandamonium: Songhai doesn’t need this though. If they’re using this, what can they follow up with? Ghost Lightning x2 or Ghost Lightning + Crescent Spear seems like the only thing so far.

Onyx Jaguar: Could be cool, but the body is far too squishy.

Battlemaster Zendo: So after testing Battle Pets, seems like they dart towards the closest enemy General and attack. Could be fun to mess with! The body isn’t all too bad either.

Koan of Horns: Nope.


Rae: I mean, a Siphon Energy with a 1/1? Why though?

Pax: This thing is godlike in Dervish Vetruvian. 2 2/2 Iron Dervishes are HUGE. Basically Orb Weaver.

Wind Slicer: I had hope for this thing, but like…what ended up happening was: you draw it too late or too early. Such is things that need “X in hand”.

Whispers of the Sands: No. You could maybe run 1, but the main problem (as with all Obelysks) is that the spawn location is RANDOM.

Falcius: Boundless Courage on a 3/3 body? Sign the the heck up! Now, we just wait for Sajj to be viable…

Astral Flood: Why though.

Psychic Conduit: TBD. I feel like based on what we have, this card might be a “too early and too late” card.

Allomancer: I mean, theoretically you play this and it poops out a Dervish, giving you 6 mana of stats. But dispels exist.

Nimbus: Absolutely loving it. What are you gonna do? Hit it with your minions? Congratulations, now you have an Obelysk that kills anything that hits it. Slap Scion’s Second Wish on the Soulburn Obelysk for MAXIMUM VALUE.

Soulburn Obelysk: 0/4, Summon Dervish, destroy enemy minions who damage this one. awww yeah.

Corpse Combustion: Games are moving to a faster pace, meaning this card is too slow.

Spinecleaver: Combine with Blast Ankh, line em’ up, and enjoy! You spawn a 0/4 Bloodfire Totem WHICH BELONGS TO THE ENEMY, and also deals 1 damage to their General at the start of their turn. Have fun killing it!

Pantheran: By the time you’ve played all 3 wishes, you’ll have realised that this minion isn’t really worth a slot. Maybe if it went down in cost in relation to which wish you played, sure.

Circle of Whatever, Who Cares: Look, your structures aren’t going to be sticking around very long. Either they’ll be destroyed or dispelled so they’re just pretty looking things. This might as well read: “8 Mana: blow up EVERYTHING.” but why would you spend 8 mana on that?


Sphere of Darkness: Waste of deckslot space. Just play Abyssal Creep or whatever that 2/1 is called.

Gor: Sarlacc was better.

Ooz: Now this, I like. Not only is it 3/3, it turns an enemy space into Shadow Creep. Immensely powerful.

Lurking Fear: Again, in hand cards are bad.

Inkhorn Gaze: Battle Pets are a mixed bag, getting a random one is even worse. Move on!

Echoing Shriek: Transform ALL Healing Mystics into 1/1 Wraithlings.

Blood Baronette: Just summon another damn Wraithling, it’ll be more efficient than this.

Void Steal: Perfect for Swarm. Where is swarm? Ask Skorn.

Ghost Azalea: Not a finisher, but more of a utility tool. Very powerful, since you now dispense more Shadow Creep than CP recieves dolla dolla bill y’all.

Night Fiend: 2 Damage is mediocre, but I guess…it’s kinda crap.

Klaxon: The Provoke really matters. It stalls the enemy until you can amass enough Shadow Creep to…

Arcane Devourer: Powerful Body, excellent opening gambit. Could see play.

Obliterate: (cont. from Klaxon)…drop a nuke on them. Because they needed a live demonstration of how USA beat Japan. BOOOOM. Only play 1 as a finisher.

Magmar Aspects

Rex: So eggs have rush and hatch at the beginning of the owner’s turn and whatnot, so this thing? IT’S…eh. I mean it COULD kill a 2 drop, but the battle pet AI says “CHARGE INTO ENEMY GENERAL BEEP BOOP”.

Razor Skin: Pushing Battle Pets pt. 4

Lava Lance: If you don’t know how to cook an egg, deal 2 damage. If you like scrambled eggs, deal 4 instead!

Gro: G®o away.

Moloki Huntress: That body is too squishy. And it’s such a shame too, could have had so much potential if Grow minions weren’t so damn slow.

Thumping Wave: I mean for 2 drops, this is heaven. Could be good.

Wild Interceptor: Give a friendly Egg nothing because you have no Eggs because your opponent is smart that way.

Visionar: Make Starhorn mediocre again.

Nature’s Confluence: 5 Mana, make people cry about RNG. Again, Battle Pets are a mixed bunch.

Morin-Khur: Wow, it’s almost like you’ll never hatch more than 1 egg because it won’t happen.

Dreadnought: Turn your eggs into 2 drops.

Flaming Stampede: Fry those eggs. Or not!

Mandrake: Man(, I wish) Drake (would grow up and mature). In all seriousness, it’s a card just like Pantheran: too late!


Vespyric Call: FOR THE WATCH. I mean, it’s a cool card.

Icy: Opening Gambit, do something irrelevant.

Bur: When this minion rushes it’s face into the enemy General, turn into another Battle Pet which wil rush it’s face into the enemy General.

Lightning Blitz: The duelyst equivalent of flipping the table, then trying to reconstruct the board from your (biased, but muddled) memory. The RNG on positioning make this unviable.

Altered Beast: Why in the hell would you ever play this.

Snow Rippler: Start your own Zoo with the amount of Pets you have.

Iceblade Dryad: YOOOO! SHE’S BACK!..In a disappointing form.

Wailing Overdrive: Hey, isn’t that dinosaur from Magmar? Oh, and also +5/+5 to an Infiltrate minion.

White Asp: 4/20 Blaze It (spines).

Huldra: Could be very strong, but requires tonnes of setup.

Frostiva: Opening Gambit: place a form of dispel in the enemy’s hand.

Frostburn: This, I’m just disappointed in. Generic AOE damage, tad overcosted, barely clears 2 + 3 drops, uninteresting as all hell.




Duelyst Patch 1.71 – Duelyst

Thoughts on some of these. I’ve only hit Silver Division so I’m sure it’s a completely different world/meta.

Can confirm, ace sucks. It will run at an enemy and shoot into melee killing itself…

Crescent Spear - Some bonus attack and the effect of a storm sister for 1? It’s pretty great.

Mirror Meld - It’s good until you realize you can clone Chakri Avatars that retain their stats… It gets disgusting

Battle Panddo - If you throw deathstrike seal on, it’ll wipe your opponents board. Situational and needs the combo to shine but it’s got potential.

Zendo - Tons of fun, I dropped on on the enemy general and he wasted his artifacts hitting my general while my minions got to surround him. Good times.

Sphere of Darkness - Maybe, but with obliterate and the new juggernauts having an extra creep tile can be pretty nice. Plus it replaces itself so 1 mana creep tile.

Lurking Fear - It also effects everything in your deck, so better than you would think.

Inkhorn Gaze - I’d have to test more but I liked it for the ability to snipe something and usually get decent value out of the pets. Honestly, most of the pets are worth their value (except ranged ones)

Blood Baronette - Unless you’ve used anything that already buffed the wraith, like shadow reflection, void steal, or wraithling fury. Then it can be a finisher.

Night Fiend - Eh, the games I’ve played against creep, the creep field expands pretty quick so this can get a lot of tiles and injure/finish off.

Klaxon - It also drops 6 creep on death, so an obliterate right after that with no other creep on the field would still do a whopping 6 damage to all your opponents things, including general.

Obliterate - Just straight up OP if you get to 8 mana.

Iceblade Dryad - Not disappointing when you realize you can now give vespyrs celerity and flying. I’ve done some work with these gals/guys?

Huldra - You say tonnes, I would say a vespyr with more than 2 health


Panddo: I can certainly understand that, but if the board is full and you’re Songhai, you kinda fucked up.

Sphere of Darkness: The most inefficient form of generating Shadow Creep thus far (backed by testing + personal experience). Anything else is better, like the new reworked 2/1 that spits out a new Tile every turn, or even Ooz.

Lurking Fear – Misread. Dying Wish (relevant in meta) minions: Dioltas, Vorpal Reaver, Klaxon. This could be very powerful, but you’re not drawing a card. You’re spending 2 mana on no minion body and pure setup, which you need to analyse the risks of. You might also draw this too late.

Inkhorn Gaze – I haven’t tested it that much, so won’t oppose you on this one.

Blood Baronette – I think they want you to use Wraithling Wrath, or as you said, Shadow Reflection.

Night Fiend: My main gripe isn’t the area, since it’s pretty much global. It’s with the damage. 2 damage is pitiful. Especially the body too? 5 cost 3/3? I mean, except for the reach, if you play Shadowspine Elemental you can do pretty much the same thing.

Klaxon – Obliterate for 6 damage is a waste.

Iceblade Dryad – After playing against and with it, I could see potential.

Huldra – That’s assuming your opponent hasn’t wiped your board.


Personally I’ve always struggled with board clear as songhai, but I haven’t invested in OBS or some of the other good removal pieces.

Fair point on sphere of darkness, the only other positive to it would be if you had a darkspine or two out and could throw creep under something to kill it or set it up to get killed.

As far as lurking fear goes, if you’re playing slow shadow creep it could be good because it would set you up to get something out before you play obliterate? I’m not sure, haven’t seen it played yet, but I liked the concept.

Blood Baronette could get nasty, but yeah it’s pretty situational as to whether you have a well buffed wraithling.

Night Fiend, it might stack? I’d have to double check but I think I remember some of my 4/4s dying to this coming in because they were near multiple creeps. Not 100% on that though, so don’t quote me.

True, but you’d probably never play Klaxon before having more creep. I was more referring to the huge burst of creep you get along with a 6/6 provoke body.

The vanar stuff can be situational but it’s won me a few games already and with better access to Vespyr minions I’m hoping it’ll be viable.


Blood Baronette: Just summon another damn Wraithling, it’ll be more efficient than this.

I’m no pro, but this + deathfire crescendo will be a thing i guess


For night fiend, I personally think it has potential, not really because 2 damage is “good” but it is in abyssian. In a world where breath of the unborn rarely ever heals anything, I don’t think it’s too bad

Klaxon - if you’ve played one shadow nova, even without any other cards besides klaxon ,obliterate does 10 damage. Also 6 mana 6/6 provoke - pretty decent!


maybe too much setup? You need a wraithling to hit face, and a bunch of things need to die, and then you need two specific cards? Then again, each card is fairly good on its own, it’s just that if you get that situation the you’re already winning


IMO Blood Baronette is for Swarm: since w/ swarm, the idea is that you will have TONS of little dudes, you can buff any one of them and it’ll be all the same.


idk, it’s 2 cards and 6 mana to give +4/+4 to a wraithling per deathwatch, you dont need to be ahead to have a couple of minions to sacrifice… have to test this a bit :s


I gotta say, Radiant Dragoon is not a worse Bastion, it’s actually really good (imo), I love it personally.


Sphere of darkness bad? Its like the best card in the whole expansion! 1 mana ping for 1 or potentially 2, generates a creep AND replaces itself.


Yes, it’s not even comparable to Bastion. It’s a solid three mana minion with solid stats and an effect that allows for some nice trading.

Plus, it looks really cool and sounds badass. Can’t wait to try it in healyonar decks, as it’s easier to heal things if they have more health and survive more.


I’ve been having success with Solarius. It draws you two extra cards which can give Lyonar the steam they need to keep pushing and finish the opponent off. It can really give you a lot of card advantage in a longer grind it out style match or if you need to topdeck an answer to something. Also, it becomes a great target for opponents removal.