"All planets aligned play"


Sharing an interesting play ._.
3rd turn 25 burst damage.


Karma for mech deck.


Im not moving my general forward no more against Songhai Deck


But it’s interactive!


Still not as great as grinchers turn 2 double kujata flash khymera into triple mechazor.


wait did that really happen?


That’s why I believe inner focus should cost 1 mana or have some other drawback - card advantage isn’t much of an issue these days. Even though it was a very lucky hand, I still fail to see how this is okay. Other decks may have strong draws as well, but not like this. Mech has similar problems which have been discussed by others.


That’s pretty nuts. Other guy was going to summon Mechazor the next turn too. I don’t know which is dumber but I guess this game is balanced by monkeys or something.


Pretty sure @whyb0t has the clip



How interactive?


Two IF at hand is pretty rare, unless you save them, that is a key backstab play in my opinion, and it’s part of the mechanics of the game itself.


It was sarcastic. I abhor out of hand damage and plays that require no setup. It’s an one-sided game at that point.


Or as people like to call it, “Songhai Solitaire”


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