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The ribbon system as of now is horribly clunky. That is, when someone has at least one ribbon for every faction. Just looks horrible to be honest. So, I think I have a splendid suggestion: create a ribbon that represents one ribbon for every faction. I’m sure that 90% of the time it would come in handy dandy.

And I suggest the theme of that master-ribbon would be diamond because it represents all colours.

*edit: my reason for thinking it looks bad is because even on a 1440p resolution there are two rows of ribbons and the second row’s ending is on another horizontal position than the first. Aside from that, there is very little time seeing how much ribbons someone has. They also aren’t categorized in a logical RGB standard so it’s like a diaper full of leprechaun feces.


But doesn’t that really add just one additional ribbons instead and makes it even more clunky. Let’s say I have 2 3 4 5 6 7 ribbons, doesn’t matter which factions has what amount of wins. With your system, wouldn’t that result in me having 1 2 3 4 5 6 ribbons and one extra diamond one? Or am I misunderstanding something here?


Disable all the other ribbons if you have a diamond one instead :stuck_out_tongue:

*edit: and display the whole bunch on your profile’s main page instead if you’d insist. sorry but it just really doesn’t do anything else than look like a nuisance to me


Absolutely awful idea.

Unfortunately, they won’t change just because you find them annoying. You should probably be worried if such minor things are enough to tick you off.


Oh it’s not that big of an issue I was just hoping there’d be enough people agreeing with it in the hope it’d change at some point and I’m mostly making a thread about it because I’m bored ;p


What would reward you when you have at least one ribbon for every faction then? I also like to see which faction my opponent mains or if he’s an allrounder (for example).

Just make them a bit smaller and everything’s good. Or let everything as is - and it’s good also.


Sure, what about decreasing the width of each ribbon if it would create a second row?

Each ribbon would have the default width but if there would e.g. be 2 factions on the second row, the width of each ribbon in the top row would be decreased by the total width of the 2 faction ribbons on the bottom row?


Some people get turned off when they see rows of ribbons on a person. They think they will lose and some people can’t stand that thought… So obviously we have to change it. Is there a way to see how many ribbons or wins I have with each faction outside of the selection screen???


So because some people don’t like it it has to be changed? What’s that for a logic? Some people don’t like this, some people don’t like that. But that’s not a good reason to change something. (Even when it comes to nerfing cards CPG seems to act like this. Open a nerf-thread and the card will be nerfed.)
I like the ribbon system. If I find another one you could say: Some like the system so it don’t has to be changed.

Are you talking of seeing your own ribbons? Then I got you totally wrong.


I’m just a messenger I don’t agree with it but there are enough people like that in the world. We’ve had threads here and in the reddit of people crying about facing ribbon players in ranked. They are out there better to know and try and understand before cp makes a orange orangutan with fake hair that summons a walls (we have that don’t we)

I just want to see my ribbons or how many Vanar wins I have without starting a match.


@locoblutaxt I think he is being sarcastic, but no, the first week of Duelyst it was fun and impressive seeing all those ribbons and after a while it just became boring. Fills a good amount of the screen and the game is beautiful so I think it’s a waste. I thought digital TCG communities were full of autistic folks


Let the ribbons stay as they are, please. If anything, add more to highlight other areas of accomplishment such as:

  • 1000 games played

  • number of times in each finished rank per season

  • finishing with 10+ wins in Gauntlet

  • tacos consumed

  • 100 non-epic & non-legendary deck list wins (read: pauper wins)

  • etc.

I feel there’s real value in knowing who you’re up against. When I’m up against someone with a ton of ribbons, I’m at least more prepared to lose and take value in the lesson they’re about to teach me with their apparent/alleged experience.



I think they should add a gauntlet ribbon.I don’t know what exactly it should have or how do it but maybe after 10 12 win runs you get one ribbon.


OK - slowly I get what you mean. But I don’t think this can be solved. Me, personally, want to have the ribbon-information of my opponent. It gives me interesting information about him. And there are people who don’t like this information because they fear ribbons (or something like that). As I said above (in different words): You could also argue, that they have to change their mind about this. Why should I do if they shouldn’t? There is no “they are right and I am not” (just taking me as an example).
I would be really angry if ribbon-information disappeares some day because of “there was threads on reddit”. Devs already hear much too much (!) to the vocal minority in this community if you ask me.

Use T2K5-stats-script. It gives you all the information about almost everything you once did in the game.
There is enough information about yourself. And the little bit info the game gives about the opponent is on the brink? I can’t believe it!

But maybe there’s a simple solution:
Make the visibility of ribbons optional. People can chose in the settings if they want to see them or not. And if you think it’s better to do so: Make “not visible” the default.


Dude are you really this thick?

“the first week of Duelyst it was fun and impressive seeing all those ribbons and after a while it just became boring”

meaning I still like seeing ribbons, but mostly only when someone has a lot of ribbons of one/two factions.


To for the info


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