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I’ve been gone for awhile, I know. But I’m Back!

This is a deck that I’ve just started running, and its really fun to play. I know I’m breaking the “Don’t have only one of anything” rule, but I don’t have the spirit (at the moment) to craft three of everything. (plus do you need more that one obliterate?)

Also, I have no ties to Abyssian only, so if you think i should add a neutral feel free.



This is what I envision it looking like;

Variax alongside obliterate is strange.

Variax without ramp is strange.

Reaver and Rev without ramp are strange.

Reaver in a creep list is strange.

No early game is devastating.


how’s this?

surprisingly enough, the early game is not horrible. (its bad but not HORRIBLE)

Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

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Why woodven?

I don’t know how to evaluate crypto in Cass, also seems weird.

I’d probably added more healing options: mystic and/or herald +1 or 2 deso.

Based off of your envisioned list, I would provably recommend something similar to the following;

  • Get rid of Vorpal Reaver, Variax, and Inkhorn Gaze

  • Add in 3 Klaxon, 3 Healing Mystic (or 3 Azure Herald).

  • I would next either get rid of Spectral Revenant or Abyssal Tormentors. I would suggest getting rid of Tormentors, since in most cases your opponent will not be standing on a creep tile, and Ooz and Shadow Nova are the only ways to consistently get creep under the enemy general.

  • I would definitely try and fit in 3 Punish, it’s basically an auto include due to Cassyva’s Bloodbound Spell

  • Since you are not running Reaper of the Nine Moons, I don’t think it’s worth running Furor Chakram, despite the immense value it can generate. Instead, I would consider using either Spectral Blade or another 2 drop

  • I’m also unsure about sphere. I think it’s a good card in Creep decks, but i feel like the fact that you can only play it under enemy minions severely limits it’s utility, especially with it now being 2 mana. Maybe consider using yielding depths instead?

woowen so people cant deny jugg.
and ill take out mentor for herald

hows this, based on strictly your help


Looks solid! Let me know how the list goes!

Alternatively (if you have the spirit), if you find Abyssal Juggernaut to be to slow or to not be contributing a lot to your deck, I would even consider replacing it with other good 4 drop options like Dioltas or Thunderhorn (although this is really more of a preference thing/not necessary)

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abyssal actually kinda gives the deck life. im just worried about klaxon cause im broke and don’t have the spirit. would klaxon for thunderhorn work?

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If you have Thunderhorn already, I think it would work, but otherwise I would save up dust for Klaxon. Klaxon is really good in Creep lists due to it being able to generate 6 creep tiles, and it having provoke is also a plus (especially since you want to reach the late game to finish with either Obliterate, Revenant, or even Desolator + BBS spam).

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I find Klaxon to be extremely powerful and irreplaceable, often setting up lethal the next turn with Obliterate. You also might find your curve too low with this list, you’ll likely be running out of cards by 5 mana so hold onto your Yielding Depths and probably replace Azure Herald with Sojourner or more 3ofs since you already have 9 two drops.

I currently run this:

Although I’m considering replacing 1 Xerroloth with a 3rd Klaxon. The deck is somewhere around 15-3 although it hasn’t been played above Gold yet.


No CCadence for your beefy AbyssJugs ?

My primary wincon is Obliterate. My secondary wincon is repeated facesmashing from Juggs and Klaxons combined with the Desolator soulsucking. I don’t need a third.

Not only that but this deck doesn’t consistently maintain a full hand, so Cadence not only takes a full turn AND sacrifices my board but can cause this deck to brick as well.


maybe but what to replace?

Cadence needs to be built around, you can’t generally just throw it in a list. If you’re interested, I suggest you try to make another deck for it (with another Cadence target besides Juggernaut)

Fully agree, that’s what I used to do in my Big Boyz


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