Alexicon1's Daily Challenge Solutions!


I’ve started uploading challenge solutions to my YouTube channel. So here we go!

Nov 9th 2016

Hint: Don’t go face w/ Wind Dervish

[details=Nov 10th 2016]Hint: Play Vorpal Reaver last

Nov 11th 2016

Hint: Somewhere, a Magma must die

Nov 12th 2016

Hint: One Wall doesn’t get to beat up the General

Nov 13th 2016

Hint: You have to use your General


I’ve updated it with the most recent challenge


I’ve updated it with today’s daily!


It’s nice that you (and maybe some other people?) do this, I bet that there are occasions where people really benefit from this :slight_smile:


If I remember correctly, there are 3 people (including myself) that post them daily. I’ve come on recently, but @pariwak and @kingduel have been doing it for a lot longer, so kudos to them for helping a lot of people out!


Yes there are quite a few people posting various solutions to the daily challenges. Always a nice surprise seeing the different ways to solve them :smiley:


Today’s daily is now up!


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