Aggro Maehv to S with REEEEEE69


Git rekt, wanderer. We Maehv now, boiz!


First off holy crap I can post on the forums again…

Second and more importantly I salute anyone persistent enough to take this general to S.


Rank 13 mind you, I guess chakram and shaman just make the deck work


I’ve been playing around with this deck and I really like it. I don’t think it’s right to call it agro. It feels much more like a swarm deck as the goal is to establish a board by 5 mana and cash in with chakram. Traditional agro decks always try to go face tho I feel like this deck needs a little patience if you have not drawn into your shaman combo.

Also just a quick question. What should I replace mirkblood devourer with? I’m trying out desolator but I agree with the OP that it’s too slow


Desolator is probably your best bet after mirk blood. Other options include bound tormentor for easier floods or more sellsoul for wholesome t h i c c n e s s


and some not so wholesome on-theme-but-anti-synergistic selfharm.