Aggro lyonar budget list


Obviously its not perfect; I’m only rank 16 currently. However I keep dominating everyone I face even the heroes I felt I was having a huge problem with before I revamped my deck. I know everyone hates provoke but I think its a really great mechanic tbh. Anyways heres my decklist. Let me know what you guys think I could do better. Of course I’m getting Krons but theyre expensive and Ive still got a few others to enchant before its complete.
And I say its budget because I’ve done nothing but disenchant cards into to craft. Haven’t spent a single dollar since I started playing last season.

x1 Argeon Highmane
x2 Azurite Lion (placeholder)
x2 ephemeral shroud
x3 Primus fist
x1 Sun bloom
x2 tempest
x2 war surge(not my favorite card but is in as a placeholder)
x3 windblade adept
x3 divine bond
x3 saberspine tiger
x3 silverguard knight
x1 skywind glaive
x3 holy immolation
x1 lysian brawler (buffer double tap cheese placeholder)
x1 Primus shieldmaster (have yet to replace this one as well)
x2 Chakkram
x2 Ironcliffe Guardian
x3 Second sun
x1 bonereaper

Looks odd on paper but it really does have a huge amount of aoe clear. I find that tempest and holy immolation along with bonereaper really helps me speed up the game in my favor and slow it down for them when other decks start to ramp up into lategame.
one sunbloom looks weird as well but I have it in there in order to aoe dispel midrange decklists. Lots of power to clear their field with tons of aoe and then lock them down with provoke and buffer my creatures. I made this change earlier today from my previous decklist with a few crafts and so far im on a 8 win streak so I’d say at the least it works. Also airdropping ironcliffe guardian into a ephemeral shroud has saved me more than once from getting kited, which is feel is lyonars main weakness.



O-only 2 Azurite?


I feel like celerity is a weak gimmick strategy. Only thing good about it is protecting till you can buffer it then sac’ing it to double tap the general. Very one dimensional if you ask me.


also, this is AGGRO lyonar. Doesnt fit into playstyle to protect a character until its buffered. This deck wins by pressuring hard af. Aside from that, even if I did like the card, you dont need a playset of every card you like.