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Aggro Faie Deck Help

This is an outdated Aggro Faie list curtesy of Juanne who took it to s rank, im trying to update it to the current state of the meta as this was built before the most recent expansion, if anyone has any advice it would be appreciated

Reflection can be really good. It’ll turn all your walls into minions that can attack, or be used to get rid of problem minions from your opponent. Kinda slow for an aggro deck though.

He doesn’t have enough walls to begin with.

The deck looks fine maybe you can combo wailing overdrive for a solid finisher.

You could probably play as-is and it would be fine. Snowshot’s suggestion of Wailing Overdrive isn’t bad either. You could probably cut the 2 Aspect of the Worms for Overdrive.

Additionally, the Hailstone Prisons are probably not so good right now as there don’t seem to be as many individual minion based strategies. Things seem to be Songhai or Golems, with Ragnora also there (but you have Bloodtears and such, so that is not so bad).

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