Aggravated Fifteen


I’m getting so aggravated with so much. I’m unsure if it’s just because of me or it there actually is a wide realm of aggravating-inducing cards. My perception:

Mechaz0r, the largest strength to lazy ratio archetype
Vanarcanyst, an archetype with no punishment
Spell trap sentinels, the value out of these cards is just mind boggling to me (specifically mind-cage and basilisk, i don’t even know the other one)

I think those are the main ones at the moment, I have issues with others, but this **** just riles me up, and I’m certain if it’s just due to potentially bad play, problem-cards or both.


The spell-trap ones are the easiest to manage. Run Saberspine Tigers and make sure to use them on threats like that.

Dealing with Mechazor depends on the faction, but most having ways of dealing with it (aside from Crossbones). If you run 2 Ephemeral Shrouds, then you can dig for one and prepare for when they drop Mech. I am not sure of your rank, but it seems like, outside of S, most people drop Mech in a corner without a plan if he gets dispelled.

Vanarcanyst can be tough depending on your collection. EMP if you are playing more control, otherwise you can just try to win faster.

Lavalasher is annoying, and it is very hard to beat Magmar when they play on curve (Sunsteel, Lavalasher, Makantor). Do your best with positioning against Magmar and you can mitigate some of it.


His rank is in the title of the thread


Ah. Reading comprehension is a valuable skill. I should brush up on that. :smiley:

Okay, at rank 15, you should be able to outplay Mech players if you dig for Shroud and keep your general near the middle with another cheap minion in hand. When they drop Mech, move and play the cheap minion, then the Shroud, and they will not likely have an answer.

A cheap deck that can handle Vanarcanyst (and other things) pretty well is Obelysk Vet. You are very aggressive and can get the win before they get rolling. Also, because of your variety of cheap threats, they may not play their removal effeciently.

Lavaslasher is still a pain, but moving back from the Magmar general when they are at 5 mana is useful. It depends on what faction you are playing though. Songhai and Faie have no problems moving away. Zi’ran usually wants a long game, so moving away is also no problem. Really, unless you are Magmar yourself, Argeon, or Zirix (depends on the lists for all of them obviously), then moving away from Magmar and being careful of positioning should help a lot.



Mechazor is easier to deal with now than ever before. Almost all decks are running something in the main deck that counters it (Sunbloom, Eternity Painter, Sandswirl Reader, Chromatic Cold) or can outpace it (Aggro Abyssian, Starhorn burn). The only deck that somewhat struggles against Mech is Midranged Vaath, and even then the deck has enough value to overwhelm Mech decks. While Mech is still pretty boring and uninteractive, it is much easier to deal with than before.

Vanar Arcanyst:

This deck did get a few counters. Magesworn and the spell sentinels discourage their spell spam and Eternity Painter and Aperion’s Claim act as mass hard removal. Otherwise, the deck’s old weaknesses to Aggro Starhorn still remain. They even got a new Aggro deck to worry about with Aggro Cassyva.

Spell sentinels:

If Songhai plays a sentinel, it’s almost always Oni. Unless you absolutely have to, avoid playing spells until you deal with it. Alternatively, you can fill your opponent’s hand with useless spells before playing big ones. BBS, Obelysk spells, and card draw are generally okay to play into Oni.

Basilisk is almost always the Vanar sentinel. Again, use spells sparingly unless the upside for you outweighs downside of giving them the spell. Positioning this minion is also pretty tough since playing it too close the action makes it easier to remove before flipping. This allows you to run away and ignor it until you come up with an answer. Vanar generally runs 3 hearthsisters for mobility, so be weary when ignoring this minion


This card deserves no in depth analysis. The fact that it is broken has been pointed out for months now.


Wait til you meet swarm vet.


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