After 14 Months...It Finally Happened


I am super ecstatic! I finally hit S-Rank after 14 months!



What deck got you there?


eeey congrats on your first S rank!


I myself have yet to reach s-rank. I hit diamond my second month playing but I can’t find the time to grind out that many wins to be able to hit it. Regardless though I’m super envious man again congrats. Post your deck while you’re at it too :blush:


Well I have yet to hit Gold but… Congrats


Im at rank 2, cant wait to hit srank for the First time. Congrats!


I just got to s rank first time myself a few days ago.
Endeed it feels good.


Congrats man! That has to feel good. It’s always your first that feels the best!


Hehehehe, I know something else like this ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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