Advise on Agro Magmar Deck


Hi guys, I’ve managed to hit diamond with control Vetruvian deck and figured that I have no time to push for S this month :frowning:

As my ranks won’t drop…I’d like to try out a new faction (wanted to do Spell Reva or Cass, but lacking too many legendaries), would like to get some advise on this agro magmar deck:

Main idea is to faceroll! I’m thinking if I should include Kron somewhere? But feels he might slow down the tempo, thanks in advance!


Oh and if anyone can tell me the secret for today’s daily puzzle it will be appreciated!!!

I just can’t find a way to that last 1 point of damage… I’ve tried practically everything!

P.S. Is mirror meld practically useless? As minion copied can’t act…


Use Jaguar instead of Primus.
No its not, you have 3 inner focuses.

I’d remove 1 Gro and 2 NS and add 3 Taygetes, she is another 4 Drop and threatens a total of 10 face damage.


Holy thanks! I finally cleared it!

Btw if I include Taygetes, should I also find spot for flash reincarnation?


No. The new Taygete is ass with flash. A 3/2 body just doesn’t cut it.

You can still get rid of Fortitude for it, to flash out elucidator and makantor though, but i wouldn’t include it for taygete.


Crap, I just realized I’m super far away from 3 of each core Magmar rare -.-"…


Thats unfortunate, i’d maybe include Sunsteel then and go for flash over fortitude.


Here’s a full-retard aggro deck that doesn’t include taygetes. If you don’t have spelljammers you can settle for blazehounds or lkians. The deck also has some flex spots, including cards like wings, bloodtears and arguably gro. If you want to face-roll in real sense of the word you can’t afford playing slow stuff like earth spheres and triple mandrake.


Thanks! That makes perfect sense. A quick question on Egg Morph, wouldn’t it be better if I either hollow grovekeeper (taunt/frenzy minions) or just repulsor beast to push any minion away?


Egg morph is better than both. Usually aggro decks outside magmar run repulsors but egg morph tends to be better. Feel free to try both.


Ic thanks!

Updated, will go ahead and craft the 3 warbeasts T__T~ Let’s see how well this deck performs compared to control Vetruvian


Have in mind how aggro decks rarely have very good winrate. They are all about playing lots and lots of games with a goal of having around 55% winrate or so in order to climb the ladder through sheer persistence as opposed to usual slower decks which have way higher winrates.