Advice to people who think "_____" is OP


I recently posted in this forum on my accomplishment of earning Diamond Rank and I thought I’d share some advice to newer players or simply people who are looking to climb the ladder. First off I do want to note how much I LOVE this game so its fair to say I’ve also invested A LOT of time into it.

When I first started playing duelyst I would “cry” a lot. Ending games saying to myself that’s BS. “____” is broken and it’s unfair. As I continued to climb the ladder I realized how freely we can sometimes throw around the word OP and how literally every class has really strong cards. Ex. of things I used to complain about:

Lyonar- ironcliffe and mostly devine bond
Songhai- Chankri Avatar, Tusk Boar and mirror meld
Magmar - Tygete, Makantor, Chrystlis Burst
Abyssian - Bloodmoon Priestes, Ghost Azalea, Shadowdancer, Spectral Revenant
Vetruvian - Dominate Will, Nimbus, Pax (still really irks me)
Kara - Her BSS in general

I had hit Gold in my 1st month and was now at Gold in my 2nd month and thought to myself how will I proceed to Diamond and I started paying more attention to my games, specifically the losses. I started to blame myself for the losses rather than complain about the game,faction, or a card. I would tell myself the other player had “x” mana I should have known they were probably going to play that card or I should have killed that minion before they buffed it. So to players still struggling in certain places just take your time to learn a little more about the game to advance. Know all the power cards, ALSO know all the removals in every faction and memorize what they cost. I always ask myself before I play a card down, “if my opponent plays a removal, how much will it cost them? And will they be able to play anything else this turn?”

Positioning also but this post is already long enough. Lastly I wanted to point out this is why I love the game so much because as I started climbing it made me realize how much strategy is involved albeit while the game on paper might seem pretty simple.


So your advice seems to be: “Get better at the game, save and play around removals and position yourself better”? A bit too vague for my personal taste but sure.


Great sentiment OP, I really like the game a lot too :slight_smile:

As for a more concrete tip against ‘OP’-ness: Make a deck with those ‘OP’ cards yourself and play with it to experience it yourself.


Expect that doesn’t work as lots of those decks are expensive. Try saying that to a new player who just lost versus a control vet deck that can have up to 11 legendaries.


There is a difference between ‘op’ and ‘frustrating’. For example, I don’t think Songhai is particularly OP, Baconrush combo aside. But I still can stand playing against them because, with the rare exeptions of Backstab decks, it just feels uninteractive.


I got diamond in my first 2 weeks, and I can tell you that none of those cards are OP (besides Pax, actually)
But Falcius, he is OP for sure.


Its nothing wrong thinking some cards are op, because often times they are indeed op. Just compare ironcliff guardian to fireblazer its not hard to see.

I personaly have a list of op cards which i swear not to play myself on ladder. If other ppl wants to embrace those cancer cards so be it, i’m not.


Please do show us the list, your current decks, and state your rank. I’m genuinely interested.


OP/unhealthy card list includes:
Lyonar: Holy Immolation, Ironcliff Guardian, Arclyte Regalia
Vet: Falcius, Pax, Nimbus
Songhai: Meld, Fox, Tusk boar
Neutral: Zen’rui

I was playing a homebrewed Sphynx Starhorn midrange deck last week, and got 39-23 on my climb from diamond to S-rank(some other wins are mostly from my aggro Faie deck which was 9-2). The starhorn deck was made because I love underdogs, when you manage to beat those OP net decks you really feels you are achieving something great.


So do you honestly believe how cards like SpecRev, 9moons, Makantor, DB, Aymara, tigers in Kara, Dioltas in Lyonar, Chakkri, Kron and few others are not strong enough to be considered OP? Because what it looks like from here is how you’re cherry picking cards from factions which you don’t like as much, and which can still work decently well without those just for the purpose of having an arbitrary list that makes you a better person than those filthy net deckers using OP cards ie everyone else. I’m not buying it.


lol I’m not trying to sell you anything so if you don’t buy it I guess that’s fine. :laughing:

You said ‘genuinely interested’ so I shared my thoughts on this game. In any case, I despise certain cards/decks so I made decks to beat those. At the end of the day we play game to have fun, it does make me feel good about myself when my homebrewed deck work against top net decks but I don’t see what’s wrong with that.