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Advice on Vanar Replace midrange



For some reason I never played a Replace deck, here is a rough draft I put together using my favorite Vanar DNA.

Would you have any advice on how to improve it?


even though i see you rocking my locke Technics, i would suggest otherwise
run tubule or whatever is name is, spirit of the wild and chasers.

which seems like a better alternatives and cover a burst and a semi draw


Yep, Theobule is awesome on almost any replace deck :slight_smile:


Yep Theobule can provide big bursts. Although I’d probably need more card draw to use him effectively. Maybe use Replicant somewhere…
Before I craft more Theobules, are Replace decks relatively competitive, or are they meme-tier?


Currently they are pretty meme tier because they require things to stick (like Aethermaster/Widow/Wings) in order to get a decent combo out, and with so much removal from Magmar/Vet, its hard to get a single unit to gain value in a replace deck.


In vanar meme tier at best

You can also place nemeton since you got kron, the teu dude and a few more tokens


That’s also their strength against Wanderer, since if the opponent can’t remove the Wings/Widow etc they’re in for some big bursts (and Theobule can come out t3). But, since other strong decks with more consistent removal indeed outvalue replace decks easily they’re not overall that good.


Here is my take on it. I enjoyed playing this the last two seasons. Fun in silver, afterwards it hit or miss. :ping_pong:

Flawless Reflection is in it for the dream of Reflection a Widow surrounded by a bunch of walls, and go spray and pray. Also fun with a couple of prisoners and Kron.


Fought a similar deck with Steal Abyss, where I took widow, luminous charge, and flawless and proceeded to machinegun Kara down.

Good times :hugs:


Wasn’t it me? Didn’t you lose at the end?:blush::joy:


Looks very fun :slight_smile:
9 Legendaries out of my reach though!


The reason it is not working well is the seyting for t horn and reflection.

Let’s fix it -

T horn needs either shimzar, the infiltrate spell or sister, by itself it is not even a threat.

3× reflection needs more settings, so is 3 seraphim.

Drop the azure
Drop the wisp
Add gravity well
Add ma. Wisp

For starters as step 1


You have a case with the thorn on itself not being good enough and replacing it with another 4 drop.

I’ll pass on the other suggestions. I’m not playing a deck with less than 10 2-drops.


do as you wish.


Btw, @snowshot is probably the only GOOD player I know who is often to use less than 9 2 drops in his minion decks. And it works…for him :slight_smile:


a man got to have his secrets :slight_smile:


Dammit! My convoluted plan to control the Vanar faction with Abyss is foiled again.

yes I did lose, the RNG gods were against me when the widows kept shooting the Nemeton-buffed tokens instead of Kara.


I did a little bit of digging, and dug out this deck i used for a brief time (between faie reliq and chaser factory).
The deck is not optimized but might give a push in the right direction



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