Advice for my Sunriser heal/aoe deck?


So little about my deck.
Slo is sometimes alright. It being 0 mana is awesome for increasing casting range, snagging a manaspring. It’s also good for a quick “stun” on an enemy due to it keeping them still for a turn or two. Honestly I’m probably going to replace it with Aegis Barrier when I get the spirit.

Flameblood Warlocks are there for first turn when you’re on the right so that you can play it and Fiz/Healing Mystic while taking the manaspring and putting Fiz in the center. They’re also just pretty neat for surprising lethals. They help make me want to run Tempest as well for that reason.

I take Tempest as opposed to Lucent Beam because well I just found Lucent Beam unnecessary and Tempest can be way more useful for clearing swarms which–in my opinion–are more common than the opportunities where Lucent Beam is my only lethal option. This deck is more often finishing games with like 7-13 ATK on Ziran. So idk. Maybe they’re good.

No Sun Bursts. I’ve tried them out and found that I like Ephemeral Shroud more because of its field presence, plus I felt adding those would be flooding the deck with spells. What do you think?

I keep Day Watcher at 1 because this card can be really good if you’re way ahead. I’m talking field of minions ready to attack, as well as it and Sunforge out somewhere safe.

Sunforge Lancer I play really defensively. I keep them as far from danger as possible pretty much with no exception besides needing it to take a bit of damage to use my BBS or something and even then I wouldn’t do it if it seemed like he would be killed by moving forward. (Same goes for Day Watcher) I do my best to.

I keep cards like Dawn’s Eye, Z’ir, Decimate, and Circle of Life at 1 because they’re all kinda good for different situations and it’s nice, I find, to have variety when climbing the ladder. Z’ir and Dawn’s Eye especially can win games on their own sometimes.

Solarius!! The best! Whenever I draw this card I keep it until I have the best time to play it. Even getting off his ability once is enough to generate a second wind late game. And you can bet your ass your opponent will throw literally anything they can to kill that thing immediately.


Some cards I find questionable:
Slo - You said you’d replace it though, so that’s fine.
Emph Shroud - I think sun bloom is just better. The 1/1 body doesn’t do too much, and it can’t even be healed. Sun bloom is a ranged dispel that can dispel multiple targets.
Flameblood - Zir’an isn’t a very burst-centered general, and supports a more late- game cotrol oriented game play. Thus, Flameblood would hurt you more than it helps you, as it shortens the game. Plus the T1 of Flameblood + mystic/fiz seems inconsistent enough (especially since you have to go second) that it isn’t worth running.
Tempest - Fine card, but I don’t seem to run into enough swarm decks, and any wraithling swarms can be dealt with by Skorn, and a few bigger minions can be taken out by holy immolation.
Sojourner - You probably want to have multiple of these for more consistency, although I’ve found Heal decks to be slow enough and have a large enough curve that having too much card draw is unnecessary (And you have Solarius for good draw).
Z’ir - While it can win games, how much does it actually win you those games? Unless you can kill yourselves on the turn it’s played, it leaves you wide open to dispel/removal.

Cards I would add:
Lucent beam. This can fill in the position of burst, effectively replacing Fameblood, but it is also incredibly useful for removing other targets, as it is mostly 2 mana deal 4. I have just found Lucent beam to be incredibly helpful.
A third Ironcliffe. It’s a good card.
Arclyte - It seems that Dawn’s eye would be very inefficient without Arclyte. If you can’t put an Arclyte or two in, you might want to remove the Dawn’s Eye.
Maybe Silverguard Knight? A good, cheap provoke, that can resonably survive a turn, something that is crucial in these kinds of decks, as you need a minion to heal.

That’s all I can think of.


Lots of self harm cards. Remove the Dawn’s Eye. Needs more artifacts for best use and your self ping will make using artifacts harder. Since you hurt yourself, maybe try Ruby Rifter.

Slo is probably for faster decks with plenty of card draw. Your deck is definitely more of a slow late game deck.


Deck looks fine. Probably too many 1-ofs.

How has Decimate been for you?


You’re right about Dawn’s Eye but then again I would just not use the self harm while I have it equipped. It is just kinda a meh card anyway. i just needed some high mana things for if Im top decking

And Decimate totally sucks to be honest. I’d rather another Martyrdom I think.