Advice and deck help for a beginner


I’m a noob. I’m building a magmar deck first.
My current deck is based off the beginner deck. I’ve added a couple of grow creatures, some powerful 6 and 7 mana creatures, and young silithar + veteran silithar.
I want to get silithar elder as well, as I like the rebirth mechanic.

The basic idea currently is to beat down my opponent starting early, and continue to stay in their face with adamitite claws and vaath +1 attack, some powerful late game creatures, and the persistence of my rebirth creatures.

I’m thinking I want to make this deck into a part control part beatdown style deck that utilizes rebirth and possibly eggs. I’m open to suggestions tho, as I’m still getting the hang of this game.

Suggestions? Thanks,


first of all we can see your name on top of your post so there’s no need to write it under your post :smiley:

alright so, let me start by saying that veteran silithar isn’t a very good card, yes i can tell that you like the rebirth mechanic but that does not mean your deck has to consist of 100% rebirth and grow creature. adding in some neutral minion in most cases will help your deck be more solid.

you have to look for synergies, but don’t push it so much that if your synergy didn’t happen your deck crumbles. young silithar is one of the best 2 drop in the game so naturally you want 3 of it in all of your magmar deck but adamantite claw doesn’t seem to belong there from your description except maybe if you run dampening wave?.

also most beginners mistake is that they jam too much big powerful minion in the deck while the game is usually won in the earlier turn, the later turn is just a snowball of the earlier turn though not always the case.

if you have the spirit to craft silithar elder, craft 3 makantors or 3 mandrake instead, those are fantastic card.


Fantastic being synonym for broken here


lol. well the card in itself is extremely good but i think the rest of magmar cards makes it just pretty good.


I find the card way too strong, but that’s mostly just me. I have a personal hate for that card. Especially when I look at my Aymara, glance at his Makantor and wonder why my 6 Mana minion isn’t nearly as terrifying.


wow we are the opposite of each other, i hate aymara with all my life. XD


yeah, but egg morph stops mine, nothing can prevent yours


the god damn night watcher is there to watch makantor die in agony.


thanks for your help, and ya I run dampening wave with my claws XD

I also like Vetruvians a lot. I am thinking about maining Magmar and having Vetruvians as my secondary. Are there some noob friendly builds? I have only played with the basic deck, and they seem a little combo dependent, or dependent on particular draws and good maneuvering, but I’m not sure.
I really like the idea of a Scioness Saaj control deck, can that be done without costing a fortune?


Scioness is more expensive to build than Zirix and her BBS is not that multifunctional like Zirix’s one, because it is based on trading with you general and Vetruvian playstile is not basicaly customized for it. But try build something with her, include Falcius after expansion Zephyr and I mean it could be pretty good! :wink: :slight_smile:


As a Vet main, no, I really don’t think you can make a budget friendly control Sajj deck. She you need artifacts like Hexblade, Ankh, Spinecleaver, etc. to get the most our of her BBS otherwise it’s incredibly lackluster. However, you can make fairly cheap Obelisk decks if you cut out the Aymara Healers.

This is a deck of a really good Vet player named F8D:

To budgetfy this deck cut the Aymara Healers for Starfire Scarab, the Allomancers for Primus Shieldmaster/ Hailstone Golem, and the Rasha’s Curse for Saberspine Tigers. The only thing without a half reasonable budget option is Stars’ Fury so just put whatever you feel like in that slot. The deck should be able to get you to gold. Though if you’re serious about playing Vet you should look into getting the proper cards, it really does make a difference.


Thanks for your help!
I just got Hexblade as a random reward. XD XD XD
Does this change the budget build a bit?
Can ya link me to a good Scioness Sejj control deck that’s affordable so I know where to start? (i can google but idk enough to know what I’m really looking for)


Control Sajj is not something you can feasibly do at a budget level, too many epics and legendaries to work. However, you can play a more Midrange version of Sajj.

Here’s a budgetefied decklist I threw together. Let me make one thing clear, I have have never tested this deck. This is something I put together in five minutes. It’s just a general layout as to what you want to put into midrange Sajj so please tweak it as you see fit.

Somethings things I’m not certain about:

Tracer- Usually these are nice becasue they let you keep blasting with Wildfire Ankh, but you don’t have one so they’re in here for reach. If you don’t find them helpful swap them out for Dancing Blades, Storm Metal Golem, etc.

If you feel like there are way to many two drops cut out the ones you feel are least useful and add in more higher based drops like again Dancing Blades and Stormmetal Golem.

If you need more card draw cut out some of the two drops, either Pax or Rock Pulveriser and add bigger creatures to the list.


I’ll give it a try. Thanks for your help! = P


Grow minions have a habit of being taken down really quickly. Try not to play them alone play them with a low cost minion then buff the low minion. This game has a number of removes so if you can get them to use it early it’s better for you. A ranged low cost minion like value hunter or jaxi is good for baiting removals. I would say if you want a grown minion the 3 and the 5 are the best. Try not to have to many minions that cost 6 and above in your deck.


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