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Hello everybody,

I know a lot of you already know that this great website called Duelspot exists. If you weren’t around for the time when it came into existence, here the original thread by @chuyqwerty.

But in short Duelyst players can share and find decks there. The idea is to have a deck database where decks are easy to find.

People clamored for a website like that years ago and back then I thought it would be nice but not really necessary. I have to admit I was very wrong and totally underestimated its appeal and power.

So what’s so great about it?

  • At this point of time it already includes 233 decks by 149 members and some of our best and most creative deckbuilders are among them :smiley: (just to name some @alphacentury, @niklaren, @miguelosz, @nh3maser, @rhacker93, @deathsadvocate)

  • You can find every kind of deck you would like to have there. The website has four categories: budget, meme/fun, diamond+ (including s-rank) and tournament.

  • In general it is very easy to find decks because you can also filter by archetype and generals or sort the decks by likes or what’s new out there or just randomize it. It also has a search function if you are interested in decks with a specific card (e.g. Kraigon).

  • It only takes 3 minutes to upload a deck, it is super easy and comfortable. It also allows you to use nice formatting, so that your deck’s description looks really slick and easy to read :smiley: (like that one)

  • But one of the best functions is to be able to comment on a deck and ask the deck’s creator about it or make some suggestions. If someone comments on your deck or replies to your comment you will get a notification too!

  • But that’s not all! Duelspot also includes a full collection of all cards in the game. And the cards even have a symbol for the expansion they are from. Best way to check on a card if you are unsure which orb you need to open to get it!

  • And last but not least (not at all!) it also hosts a series of articles. Right now it is only the Top 50 s-rank decklists and some of Niklaren’s s-rank budget posts but it will be growing over the next weeks and months because we will move a lot of the useful guides stuff from the wiki there. My vision is to have a more centralized place for all the important stuff (and it can’t do harm to have good guides linked at more than 1 place). You may also notice that the articles section also includes ways of categorizing to find easily certain stuff.

So, what’s stopping you? :smiley: Come over, sign up and upload your own decks, comment others and like them!

Duelspot.com (thanks again to @chuyqwerty)



Thanks again, Boronian :slight_smile:



Yeah, just posted one of my favourite decks there a couple of days ago.

@chuyqwerty, thanks - the site’s structure and visuals look pretty awesome!

@boronian, thanks for promoting the site, it deserves it!

P.S. Did you promote it on reddit?



Yes, I try to serve them all :smiley:


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