Advanced Replacing via Reading Your Opponent (Reformatted)


Hey everyone. I generally don’t post when I do my entries, but since this one was pretty technical and is on advanced replacing, I wanted to share it with you guys. This was a topic requested, hope it helps.


This article is a bit strange, basiclly like: I chose not to replace plasma storm couse he has obelisks, really? Who would have thought? You were not reading him you were just keeping answers for threads that he clearly is going to play. And there are some mistakes like he moved dervishes from pax the same turn they were sommoned? Or what, because maybe I read something wrong.


I meant to write about this but didn’t make a post, oops

Like what kvewgir says, I think you passed your thought process by too quickly in the article. I actually had to pause at the end to go back and identify where it was because you did very little to draw attention to it.


Was gonna mention this too, as an avid Vet Obelysk player, you used the spell in the game that hardcounterd this whole deck with ease, big whoop. I don’t see what’s special. You need to be able to figure out what cards to keep in a match up to be able to get into diamond anyway.


I have corrected several mistakes with scenario and mix-up of the second wish while also reformatting the entire post to make it understandable. Thank you


Much better, thank you for taking all the suggestions into consideration. That being said, I consider this matchup fairly one sided due to plasma storm. It might be more apparent if you used a far more even matchup, perhaps against tempo lyonar or smth like that.


Yes, that was purposely done. I wanted to cater to something not too heavy in terms of technicality starting off. I figured Magmar would be the easiest to give an example without going further than intended, so it becomes easier to relate to. However, I will mix things up on the next variant done.


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