Add option to ban 1 faction in ranked


matchmaking in diamond already can take a minute, i would really rather not wait a minute to play against ‘cancer’ faction (aka abyssians) some people complain about magmar, i will gladly take their magmar opponents and give them mine abyssians instead. everyone would be happy.

i believe in tournaments you could ban a faction as well, untill recently. this will reduce the amount of rant threads and make the game more enjoyable regardless of op cards.


I think the queue time for Abyssian and Magmar players would skyrocket (rightfully so :laughing:)


Yes, brilliant idea. Let’s go further: maybe also ban Sajj, dealing double damage to minions compared to other factions is so OP, also I would ban faction cards, everyone should play with the same playset right? That’s ivteractive and entertaining.
I hope cpg will do something with such a stupid idea that are classes, what the hell are those anyway?


Oi, only Raqyee is allowed to be sarcastoxic™ on these forums. Chill man.


Raqyee’s not around anymore so I’m doing his job instead (yeah I know I’m not good at raqyeeing people but someone has to do it)


He’s the sarcastic we need but not the one we deserve.


if someone would rather not play against sajj it’s his desicion.
it is an option not everyone has to use it.

for one i’m coming from yu-gi-oh originally and would rather have all cards available than devide them into factions and classes, this game however is built around classes, and more or less does good job at it.

everything is ok except abyssians, most of their cards are too strong for cost and have too little counterplay (if any) to compensate for that. if i didn’t hate them so much i would probably abuse them as well, they were supposed to be nerfed in the mid season patch but they were not and pretty much everyone agrees that variax is op, well, except abyssian mains who abuse it (what a surprise)

i’m a simple scrub trying to get to s rank the first time, not enough that i get matched against s rank top 50 or less most of the time. every third opponent plays abyssians. (if i’m lucky) it’s pure hell even if i win.
this option would make ranked much more bearable and less reliant on timely nerfs. pros could ban nothing and get faster than average queue time, or maybe be encouraged to play more than 1 faction if it’s widely considered op.
whats wrong with that?


It’s your problem if you can’t play against one kind of faction. If you want to up in rank - you must GET GOOD.


How do I put this… That’s a terrible idea. What you would be doing is increasing the waiting times for ranked matchmaking even more and artificially boost the win rates of certain decks.

Say, you wanted to play Magmar. Everyone who does not want to play aganist Magmar would be cut from your pool. Furthermore, you would also cut a faction that has a good match up against your deck, if you want to maximize win rate. This will make matchmaking incredibly slow, ruining the experience for all players, even those who do not ban factions, just because one player couldn’t handle playing against a faction.

Also, just because you might have lost to Abyssian a couple of times, that doesn’t mean that they are OP. Other people have had different experiences with them. I played mostly Vetruvian, Vanar, and Lyonar this season and have not lost to a single Variax. Heck, I even out-controlled a Variax with Voice of the Wind + Glacial Elemental Combo. In fact, I feel that Cassyva is the more oppressive Abyssian General.


i used variax as an example of op card that is widely agreed upon being op.
after switching to play only aggro and maybe fae i didn’t lose much to variax as well. having to handpick my deck just so it can beat variax is bad enough. since when something is not op if you can hard counter it?

if average deck that wasn’t meant to be a hard counter to a single card isn’t able to do much against it i would call it op. many cards in abyssian answer that definition it’s either happen to have a specific counter or die thats how abyssians work. other factions don’t have so much answer or die cards if at all:
DFC, soulgrimwar, shadowdancer, kelaino, revenant, bloodmoon priestes, variax, neither summong and probably more, all of those produce unreasonable value. it used to be somehow balanced with wraithlings being 1/1s and dieing easily to everything but now with furosa they just don’t die unless the abyssian wants them to.
being forced to play against this and wonder every time with bllsht i will have to deal with this game makes it unenjoyable for me. i would rather wait 5 minutes in queue than 10 seconds and get an abyssian opponent.

matchmaking options may not be optimal, but it’s something. atleast make it not just put same faction against you game after game after game. not having to fight top ~20 s-rank players for a spot on s-rank 1000 or whatever the number of players there is, would also be nice.


When I first started playing I was a bit annoyed that there was no unranked ladder. Sometimes I like being able to play weird and fun decks, but unfortunately unless you’re playing against friends that’s pretty hard to do no matter where you go. The fact is if you want to climb, you have to build against your likely opponent. And right now that means Abyssian and Magmar. If you’re having the most trouble against Abyssian, counter it. I’m lucky in that my favorite faction has the tools to combat Abyssian effectively (Plasma storm and hefty aggro). I’d probably be way more frustrated if I played something like Vet.


It’s players like you that create these rant threads you know. You obviously dont know what the term cancer means in games because you called abyssian cancer lul although they dont make the competitive scene unhealthy. Also did you not take the 2 seconds to realise that this isnt league of legends where you get a free character for a period of time. No you have to spend time or money to build up a specific faction, then to get it banned in ranked. Make sense?


i played all factions at some point, have a ribbon with 5 of them, excluding abyssians.
sure even after months of playing and spending money i still play budget decks with most of those factions. and managed to get to diamond with 4 of them, (i’m not good enough to get to diamond with vetruvians yet, and they were originally my main faction, before they got the ninja dispell nerf and became weakest faction. i actually spent money to get 10k spirit deck for them, with became useless a few weeks later, had to start over with a different faction and no more spending money for obvious reasons, none of my current decks is anywhere near half as expensive on spirit).

now i must play aggro on most decks becose nothing midrange or control works other than variax, and fae unless the opponent is much worse than you or you get lucky on draw. i even played variax abyssians with almost 0 experience with the faction and i beat 2 tournament winners with it right off the bat(to be honest i beat some tournament winners with other factions as well later so it might not be much of an achievement) i really like how everyone claims abyssians are easy to deal with but end up losing like everyone else when variax hits the field.

you can argue that i’m a noob and don’t know how to deal with those cards but better players than me agreed that variax is op. even if he isn’t much of a treat to aggro decks on the ladder.
how do you think newer players feel when it casually gets played and whole field gets filled with 5/5? is it fun? is it enjoyable? i doubt it, and they will leave the game screaming power creep and pay to win and what not, how is this healthy?

this comment however convinced me that this is not the way to do things regardless of the state of abyssians (you don’t need to convince me any further on the matter):


While I understand the annoyance one could have for abyssian, I personally think this is a terrible suggestion. Mainly because the overall ramifications are terrible for competitive play. In theory EVERY single deck should have a bad match up no? You shouldn’t be given the option to avoid a bad match up for example just because you find a deck annoying.


i neglected that idea already.
other factions seem to have weaknesses, but so far i have no idea what actually counters a balanced abyssian deck. sure if the player is bad and/or has an unbalanced deck, beating them should be easy. however they seem to have most potential of all factions and i don’t see a weakness for abyssians other than inconsistent draw(they do have so many strong options that it shouldn’t be an issue in most games). i might open a question thread later on, maybe someone has some tips to give me or something. seen how popular cassiva has become in s rank i don’t have much hope of getting an effective solution there but one can hope.


Just imagine when mobile and international hit we gonna get pages full of people who can’t lose… Ever… How did we come to this as a race.


or get lucky and don’t get matched against abyssians for a couple of games :wink:

suddenly i’m s-rank 201


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