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Add Instant like spells from MTG to duelyst?

since we can already have interrupting triggers like the sentinel cards, I think it would be a good idea to add spells that can interuppt a cast from an opponent to get whatever the card says. For example, say you are battling an 8 gates deck and u are playing Vanar. You have a counterspell in your hand that cost 3 mana and you have 3 mana remaining. Your opponent casts the 8 gates and you can counter it, saving your life and giving you a chance. Or maybe your opponent has a Punish in hand and cast it to destroy a minion you REALLY wanted. You could play a lyonar spell that gave your minion forcefield until end of turn or counter the spell before it died. Anyone else like this idea?


While I do like this, its is against a couple of the games core design philosophies.

They want the game and turns to be “lightning fast” and streamlined, and thus why they chose a lot of random space summons as an inoffensive form of rng that saves a lot of time. They very specifically do not want to slow down your turn by having to wait for your opponent. And frankly I can get behind this, having to wait for your opponent to ok your moves is rather annoying. In a tabletop game that can be streamlined by just playing normally and your opponent can tell you to “Wait!”, but in an automated digital game that’s just not feasible.

The game is designed to be Answer or Die, with a lot of powerful units and answers. Its a somewhat controversial design choice, but one that is very exciting if you can get behind it. Like it or not thats how things are, and if you accept it its a fun and wild ride. This would shift things away from that a bit by having counters rather then answers, and could make answer or die cards to strong.

So while I would love this, and I am behind anything that helps stop solitaire board agnostic strategies, this is just not a way these things could happen.


A better way to implement it, besides making the game a little less answer-or-die, could be implementing something similar to Secrets: you announce that you readied something to then it trigger when the oponent plays that thing, yet it doesnt need to be held in field as a creature.


thats a very good idea @zanestheargent maybe something like casting a hidden spell that will tigger after a spell is cast it would counter it.

Well, didnt they implement it in the form of sentinels?

Yes, but i mean sentinelling WITHOUT the creatures. Instead of summoning Mistery Token that pops when triggered, you enchant your general with the trigger or something of the like.


Yeah i know, but i doubt they will implement a similar mechanic, when they introduce new things they are completely new.

Also i doubt they will introduce anything new at all.

Half the latest expansion was literally copy-pasting magnifying the core set and, really, the last note is really getting tiresome to hear. Mind in not stealing OP’s name and job?

I mean, sure, but that would require a huge UI overhull, and who knows what sort of spaghetti code this would generate.

What if the active player queues in another card or action while you are playing your instant? What if you play long animation instants to clog up the opponent’s turn? I’m all for the idea, but I don’t think it’s realistic in the form you propose.

it didn’t have to be in the interrupt on the opponents turn, it could be like an enchantment that stays with you until they cast something and they don’t know what it is. Like a counter creature enchantment. You cast it and it stays with you (unless your dispelled) and it counters the opponents next cast creature.

I like that it could be a dispellable buff for your general… unlike Sentinels. How do we want to name them… Secrets are just a ripoff. How about Defensive Charm? Each should cost 2.

I bet Magmar gets the most OP ones. like… When an enemy minion enters the board deal damage to it equal to your general’s power. Vaath would like this. But this is only the beginning, I actually had too much time on my hands.

Lyonar could get a +1/+2 and Provoke to your minions if your general gets attacked, the second could be a 5 Damage retaliation to the attacker. I guess Lyonar doesn’t care much about spells… this is why I would give them one Charm that spawns a Silverguard Knight on a random nearby space to your general and one that triggers a Tempest if your opponent plays a minion.

Songhai should get a mana steal Charm that makes all spells your opponent wants to cast this and the next turn cost 2 more while giving you +2 mana the following turn if he casts a spell. (Manakite Drifter+Fanblade without a body) The second one could either Mirror one of your own minions (fair if it copies a minion that is about to be removed) or deal 4 damage to the opponent. Songhai also cares about your opponent’s creatures by turning them into a 0/2 Panddo or giving one of your units Flying and Backstab (2) until the end of your next turn.

Vetruvian should care about getting hit (Sandshield negating incoming Damage and reflecting it back to the attacker as well as returning the attacker to the opponent’s hand+ leaving a sand tile after dealing damage) and spells (spawning 2 sand tiles on random spaces or spawning a Bloodfire Totem next to the opponent).

Abyssian might want to react to spells ( minions that die this turn reduce the cost of the next Minions to summon by 1, steal one minion from your opponent’s deck and summon it next to your general) and Minions ( put infest on them, steal the first to enter until your next turn)

Magmar is about getting hit (hit back with a permanent +2 Power buff, draw 2 cards) and opposing Minions ( Smash em with your general, stun them+ place a primal Florish underneath them)

Vanar should get a Counterspell against spells and one that spawns Gravity Walls around your general when you get hit. Spawning a copy of the attacking minion as secondary Charm on hit would also be awesome. Another Spell based Vanar Charm could be about movement reduction like Snowstorm.

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Thanks for your suggestion! While we can’t guarantee anything will happen with it, we’re always happy to send ideas and feedback to the CPG team.


The spells don’t necessarily need to be counter spells. They could be things like
Lyonar: 4 mana, enchantment, when your opponent targets you or a minion you control with a spell or ability of a creature they control, give your minions +1/+1 and forcefield, Mythic

Abyssian: 2 mana, enchantment, when your opponent destroys a creature you control, summon that minion on a random nearby space at the end of turn, Uncommon

Magmar: 3 mana, enchantment, when the enemy general attack you, you gain 3 health, and gain +3 attack

you hopefully get where I’m going here…

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I actually made a full list up there ^^

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oh i didn’t see that lol sorry

I also much prefer stuff like Aegis barrier to hidden counters. I don’t want to gamble or play poker, heck I want less CCG elements as it is. I want duelyst to be a tactical board game. Card games are a dime a dozen, that’s not what we are here for. There are better card games, there is no compeition for digital turn based tactical board games.

What I do want are more things like Magesworn that help shut down certain obnoxious strategies, or other clever things like more effiecnt and less random revives.

Now I could get behind various disspellable visible buffs that wear off after triggering, like a forcefield that does not respawn, or a “counter the next Spell” and the like.


Personally I’d just make a bunch of Neutral Sentinels and cards that buff them as well as the already-existing ones.

I want my Dooly to be board-based.


the thing with enchantment is it can stop combo decks from winning like in magmar

i kind of like where you’re going , that vet stuff is a bit overkill though …

Sandshield only lasts one attack and the opponent KNOWS there is a charm. After he checks for the spell ones there are only two more outcomes. In the best case for the opponent he can trigger it by attacking with a minion like Bloodtear Alchemist which prevents 2 damage and kills a Minion, that already did its job. Returning it after it dealt damage also is bad for the Vetruvian. In the worst case for the attacker it kills or bounces a Drybone or Emberwyrm. Against a general attack it does a 4 point life swing without buffs. About the spell Charms I thought that two delayed sand tiles seem ok when they are randomly placed. In terms of mana ratio its better than Vault, but that should be ok if it has conditions. One bloodfire Totem is a clock, but absolutely not much more worth than 2 mana.