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Actually good battle pet deck! (Tested in Gold)

You can’t loose if you have a bigger army than your oponnents have bullets!

We all like to hate on battle pets… They are just useless. That’s exactly why I made a battlepet deck! I have used this deck for a while and it is actually usable in gold:

[Battle pet]MTo0MTgsMzo0MDUsMzo0MjAsMzo0MjEsMzo0MjMsMzo0MjUsMzoxMTAwMSwzOjExMDA0LDM6MTEwNTksMjoxMTA2MCwyOjExMDYzLDM6MTEwNjYsMzoyMDIwMiwyOjIwMjA2LDM6MzAwMjg=

Any thoughts? What can I make better? Is Calculator useless? (The plan is to get one more Rawr, and maybe one Nature’s conflict)46454c2db0ec2ff986a68137896508c3887b03b2_2_690x394

OP’s deck

Thanks! I’ll use it in my post :slight_smile:

I read an article about why battle pets are weak. It is not because you can’t control them, but because they attack at the beginning of you turn. Thats why this deck is focused on grow. Here’s the article:

Abyssian and Songhai have some decent battlepet decks. Abyssian uses corporeal cadence to make calculator consistently hit the opponent; Songhai uses crimson coil to turn the pets into pseudo rush minions.


Interesting! I might look more into it :smiley:

Found the abyssian one:


Songhai literally has the worst battle pets. Abyss, Magmar, and Vet have much more viable battlepet decks.


This deck lacks a bit cheap removal tho. Any suggestions?

Theoretically you want to play @miguelosz’s abyss battle pet deck like an aggro deck. Kill the opponent as fast as possible and in the meantime ignore whatever they are doing that doesn’t immediately affect you.

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And if you like Vanar, this one is pretty decent too (although not quite as powerful as the Abyss one): Miguel's Miscellaneous Memes (space for my Mag, Vet & Vanar decks)

Problem with Magmar is that they lack a finisher to combo with Calculator (like Cadence, or Spirit of the Wild). So I think your best bet would be to use grow shenanigans (grow tiles, pets, Moloki Huntress and Godhammer) to try create some sw0l boards.

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