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Account Linking, Geo-IP Blocks and Re-directs, and more

Hi Folks,

First, I want to apologize for my delay in response to these issues. Believe it or not, while testing some account linking flow issues, I managed to cross some wires between my personal and professional Duelyst Accounts, and managed to lock myself out of the system. It took a little trouble shooting and time to get the help I needed to straighten things out. Now that I’m back, I though I would start with one thread to address all of the major issues regarding Account Linking, and Geo-IP Blocks and re-directs.

First, I want to state that we quite clearly understand the frustration regarding the number of issues our customers outside of the United States have been experiencing, and apologize for them. We’ve been working pretty hard to get them resolved as soon as possible, and we have made some progress in many of those areas.

Our primary issue for users (according to the number of support requests received) has been users in Europe whom have forgotten the password to their BNEA account, and some who had issues creating a BNEA account at all. Initially, users from outside the U.S. were not able to reset their passwords due to Geo-IP Redirects which were in place on the BNEA website. Since then, those Redirects have been removed from all pages on the BNEA site except for the home page. This means that users following links to account management pages, or clicking on password reset links from e-mails will no longer be redirected to their region’s Bandai Namco website. This same issue caused a number of other account linking issues for users outside of the U.S.

Secondly, and for many more importantly, is the issue of Geo-IP blocking, which we are required to do for legal reasons.

We understand the frustration regarding this issue. However, while our goal remains, and always shall remain, to provide all our customers with the best service possible, and to provide service to as many interested parties as possible, due to legal reasons, this is not always possible.

Legal constraints which may limit the availability of titles in certain areas can include those imposed upon Bandai Namco by individual licensors, by third party service providers, or by individual laws of the United States of America or other countries. As our Customer Service and Community Teams are not legal experts, or informed as to the specific reasons for of these restrictions, it is not our policy to provide additional information as to why a certain title is not available in a specific region. We can, and have passed on your feedback regarding these concerns.

Sadly, for now, our only response can be that Duelyst is not available in this region.

This does not mean that we are intending to add a list of counties that will be region blocked in the near future. Point of fact is that the only way this would happen would be if a law was enacted either in the U.S. or in your country of residence that would require us to cease business operations in that area.

Thank you for understanding.



Is there any refund for those who got their account locked out just right after buying diamonds?


All good and fine, I appreciate the response and I believe many others will do. However, there is one specific point which is critical, yet not addressed.

At the moment, you do have a list of countries which are blocked for legal reasons. I believe players want to know if they live in one of these regions, otherwise they may end up buying goods which they cannot enjoy due to upcoming technical troubles.

It is interesting that other competitors do not seem to be subject to these laws you are talking about, so either they are doing something illegal or there is some product difference which would be better to learn. I understand you don’t disclose the why’s, but I hope you are investigating them.


If a user is interested in a refund due to this, they can submit a support ticket. Please be aware that my team does not hold the final decision in these matters, and will escalate these tickets to the appropriate party, but must abide by their decision.

If a player is in a region that is blocked, they would have had to take specific actions in order to get around the blocking and be able to play the game in the first place. However, we are not able to publish a list of countries that is blocked for legal reasons. Players who are unable to access the game for legal reasons, either physical location or other reasons, would receive a message stating that we are unable to offer them service at this time when trying to register an account.




I don’t care that legal reasons may sometimes be weird, i just plain refuse to believe this, the world CANNOT be THAT silly.

EDIT: I also really doubt people did something to circumvent, I assume it’s mostly due to technical issues that they were, and are, still able to play. Otherwise we’d have had many posts saying: hey! I now have to suddenly use VPN! or so.

EDIT: I do appreciate you finally speaking on this subject


I actually have very little trouble believing that, although it doesn’t explain why you weren’t posting here because I know for a fact you have been online here in the mean time. Not a big deal because I assume there was a lot to discuss in-house before sending out a message to us anyway. Good to see you’re here with some first-hand information.

This has been my experience as well, and I’m glad this particular issue seems to have been resolved, although I have read evidence that not all might be well just yet.

So it’s official: Duelyst is a region-locked game now due to national laws that Duelyst used to operate in the grey sphere of but is now voluntarily(!) erring on the safe side of. Players who have been with the game from the start or at least pre-BN–before any of this applied–will be blocked and remain blocked from playing the game and are at the mercy of BN and CPG whether or not they get any kind of compensation (seeing as both Terms of Services specify refunds will only be given at their discretion).

So you function as the middle management to keep us away from the people who we actually want to hold accountable. You can just shrug your shoulders and go “welp they won’t tell me what’s going on either so that’s that” and we’re expected to just go “ah well it’s not @stormshade’s fault, they’re just doing their job.” Long story short: Duelyst players will just have to guess whether or not they’re safe in spending money and time on the game and can go take a long walk off a short pier if they don’t like that.

I, for one, don’t understand, and don’t accept what I do understand.

Either you (CPG) were so incompetent as to get yourself into a deal that screws us over like this without you realizing it beforehand, or you were so duplicitous as to do it anyway, knowingly screwing us over. If you had warned us about all this most of us would’ve understood, I can’t fathom why you didn’t just trust us to be mature enough to accept that Duelyst’s wild teenage years might be over.

The CPG I thought I knew would warn us beforehand that the growth of Duelyst would be accompanied by unfortunate region-locking, warning affected players that they shouldn’t continue to spend time and money on a game they would be soon locked out of. Perhaps even worse is you calling alplod a liar by insisting they didn’t buy Diamonds despite them telling us so. Considering everything that’s been happening I believe alplod over you even without asking to see the receipt beforehand. There’s so much more wrong and missing with your post but I’ll leave it here until I’ve gathered my thoughts completely.

Just my luck, I find a great game with the best godd$%n online community I’ve ever seen that just released its best expansion to date but then its creators get bought out, go corporate and start taking their cues from puff-piecers and money-men.


This implies you cannot publish a list of countries that aren’t blocked. You cannot tell your customers in which regions the game is actually offered in.

I assume its because there are lots of local laws that you’re still unsure of?


This really got to me. Duelyst and other small indie games end up with tighter communities because there are less barriers between the owners and the players themselves, and communication is better. As the company gets bigger, the gap between the “higher ups” and players gets bigger too. With Duelyst, I usually felt like CPG was close to us, and talked with us. Now, the gap is appearing.

I don’t want to stop playing Duelyst. I honestly love the game. I’m not the kind of person who boycotts either, because I never bought anything in the first place. I’m just sick of seeing all the other forumgoers upset, and not seeing a satisfying answer.

What we want is for Alplod to be back with us, whatever way possible, but we can’t because we’re facing off against something bigger and tougher than us. I’m sure CPG is also upset, and likely would have helped Alplod, but they tied themselves to Bandai Namco in such a way that everyone all the way up the chain, from stormshade to Ryvirath to the “higher ups” has to agree on everything, and there’s a billion lawyers ready to get cold feet and ditch the players first.

Whatever, that’s just a shallow rant.


No, not national laws. Stormshade says it clearly:



Heartstone, Shadowverse etc (I don’t have the precise list, but there was a list posted) being available in Russia.

Means that:

Individual licensors (aka other companies Bandai Namco has signed contracts with), possibly 3rd party service providers BN has signed contracts with prevent this.
So it has NOTHING to do with laws, but EVERYTHING with BN’s contracts.

So CPG did not check who they went in partnership with good enough.
They failed to see these ramifications.

They really screwed up not knowing that.
And BN really screwed up not telling them and the players this.


Um… in the very same quote you quoted

So yes, BN’s contracts are included, but so are laws of particular countries.


Or CPG fully knew that some regions were going to be locked, and went into the partnership anyways, most likely because it would in the end still be a benefit even with the regional locks.

So basically CPG didnt actually screw up from a business point and will still most likely benefit in large from the BN partnership. In terms of gaining trust of the players, CPG screwed up big time, but most companies don’t bother in the first place.

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I know, that doesn’t prove anything in particular. But:

1)Blizzard is an American company.
2)Heartstone is available in Russia.

So, I can guess that either laws are not involved, either Blizzard doesn’t care about laws. The latter is highly unprobable.

EDIT: Still, the REASON is not so relevant. What IS relevant in my opinion is the list of countries. And also, I’m still wondering about my future, of course.

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So, i am not really connected with the community anymore and i barely play the game anymore, but tbh this shit is straightup ridiculous for the people that got scammed by it. ‘Legal issues’ that nobody can further specify. Yeah, sure. Thats as good as saying a dog ate your homework. And i’d say that most countries laws don’t allow draining people from goods they purchased beforehand, the only reason this is happening is internationality, which makes this whole shit immune to sues and other actions because it would be way too complicated and expensive to even try. So yeah, its not like ‘legal issues’ really seem to concern anybody.



You have to read it attentively:

Reasons because of why they might ban countries from accessing Duelyst:

  • Country laws
  • Private contracts

Then the intended-to-be-comforting statement that they would never block countries unless country laws forced them in the future (as opposed to just 2 weeks ago).

Then the very clear observed fact that there are no new laws in Russia that prevent games just like this.

This means that whatever reasons they had were private contracts.

Add to that that country laws are very public and could be quoted legally without issue, and Stormshade saying it’s not legally possible for them to list the regions.

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I imagine a lot of this is tied to individual countries’ censorship laws or views on internet freedom. Unfortunately, I don’t know enough of the subject matter as it pertains to online business (in this case, specifically gaming) or on a case by case basis for different countries to really make any significant comment about it.

It could be content related issues (think traditional censorship), it could be BN business policy issues (not because of BN’s choice, but their policy or partnerships may clash with existing law in particular nations), it could be some other reason that we don’t fully understand from a customer point of view. When it comes to big business and international affairs in combination with creative rights, things get very hazy very fast.

Furthermore, this is only trying to look at business law as it relates to government. It’s also entirely possible BN is being held to contracts that they cannot break lawfully.

It’s extremely unfortunate, but there is one thing I’m confident about: CPG and BN care about how this impacts their game. I am 100% certain that this issue has their attention and that they are going to (if not already) make an effort to circumvent it. I simply hope the red tape is not so thick or impervious as to prevent them from finding an acceptable answer. After all, even the coldest, least customer friendly businesses in the world care about their bottom line. In a free to play game such as Duelyst, players are their bottom line.

Ultimately, I’m saddened that we aren’t being given any answers. I’m upset that some of us are incapable of enjoying this game, in spite of having access to it before. I’m angry that any investments these players have made (including monetary support) is lost without gain. I am at least thankful, however, that we’ve finally received some form of communication about the problem. CPG, BN, I sincerely hope you’ll not let us down. Please continue to work on this problem and be transparent with us as best as possible.


I believe

should be spelled like “you’ll never know it cause nobody cares”.

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No, actually, I function as your voice in Bandai Namco and CPG, as does all of the Community and Customer Service Team. We have passed your feedback along, and have explained, sometimes using less than polite words, what your feedback is. We have ensured that your voices have been heard in this situation. Which is what we are here to do. We are also here to ensure that the companies stance on this situation is made plain. We will continue to represent your interests, but we also need to let you know that at this time, we will be unable to fulfill your requests regarding this situation.

Another option that you may not be considering is that the number of players in blocked regions is small enough that I honestly didn’t expect this to be a major concern for the community. It may seem coarse, but we truly are talking about a small number of players.

Plus, due to the fact that I and @ThanatosNoa had a ton of other things to do leading up to the merger, I failed to communicate this before hand or as the merge was happening. So if you want to be mad at someone for not communicating this in advance, that should be focused on me.

I believe that we are already speaking to you in support tickets regarding this. We will not publicly address any account issue due to privacy concerns.




so BN can’t offer the game in some regions because they have a contract with another company to offer their games in that region. and whatever company that is apparently isn’t interested in offering duelyst in that region. and even though BN will lose money as well as player trust they aren’t interested in negotiating an arrangement to offer the game in all regions because as with any company those with the power to make this happen would consider the matter too insignificant to be worth their time?

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Lmfao. So pretty much, “there aint a lot of them, lets just hope they stay silent and this doesnt get known”

Did I actually read this…? I must be wrong, I’m not a native speaker after all. Just wow


Regardless of everything going on and the consequences therein, there’s something I need to say because this irks me to no end.

Let’s cut it out with the assuming negative intent.

Yes, you can be upset. Yes, this whole thing freaking sucks. DON’T go misinterpreting words and contorting them to say what YOU want them to say. That’s crap. I wouldn’t put up with it if someone did it to me, and I wouldn’t expect any of you to want to deal with it either. So, let’s not, yeah?