Abyssian Swarm - How to improve and really swarm


Hello everyone!

I have two weeks playing this game already and I believe it’s fantastic. It is very challenging and It’s been hard to move from Silver 20 this season!. I’m trying to build a Abyssian Swam deck and this is what I have so far. I would like to hear some feedback about it.

I added my collection so that I could get better advice how to improve it using what I’ve got. I’m a F2P player so I won’t have a big collection soon.

Thanks for taking some time to read my post!


Most people will say that it is inconsistent to have several cards with only 1 or 2 copies. For some specific cases it might be better to run less copies, but for most of them you should try to go for 3 copies.

First, I think dropping healing mystic, shadow watcher, dragonbone golem, Sword of Arkane, Blood Baronette and Zurael would be a good start.

Primus fist would be a much better 2 mana card then mystic for swarm.

Blood Baronete is only really good if you are using Wraithling Fury.

Shadow watcher will just be dispelled/removed 9/10 times you play him.

I think you should try to include a 3rd Bloodmoon Priestess, 2 more Dancing Blades, 2 more Sphere of Darkness.


ty very much Blank!

I will craft those commons first as I don’t have them. Thanks a lot!


The problem with the deck you posted here and what you are trying to do is swarm is highly synergistic with a very small window of opportunity, you can’t hedge a bet on your 1/1’s to win the game because you run so few enablers for them.

I get the idea but from my point of view you only considered cards that looked good, not considering the flow of the deck as a whole. What are you planning to do with your turn one’s? How can you can pull an advantage from that first turn to establish a swarm? At what point do you need to draw and what cards should you be looking for first and foremost? What are your options if you have an advantaged board but no wincon in sight? What will you do if they clear your swarm or bloodmoon? Have you planned for contingencies?

I would strongly recommend finding (s rank only) swarm gameplay on youtube and picking out what they do well that enables them to win and what choices made them lose.


Budget stuff:

My swarm decks:


Thanks a lot man! I get your point!. I will check some videos to find a good win condition and some strategies :slight_smile:


thanks a lot! I will try to follow the budget deck :slight_smile: