Abyssian Swarm Deck - Any Advice?


Hey guys,

As the thread says, just looking for some tips on how to pilot this deck or any revisions that need to made (as per the current meta).

Decklist is below, my aim is to survive long enough develop either a Soul Grimwar or a Deathfire Crescendo (soon as I pop a Soul Grimwar though it’s usually like a red flag to bull, they charge right at me to remove it) for significant damage and then close the game out with a Spectral Rev.


I pop a Soul Grimwar though it’s usually like a red flag to bull

Hence, develop a board, then in the next turn use grimwar/crescendo, sacrifice your stuff, then hit face with your minions.

Yes, keepign a developed board is hard as all balls right now and that’s why Skorn screws swarm over so royally.


I don’t know about you, but if I were to play a swarm deck I’d go full retard with it, ie something like the deck below. A guy called Addi ran something similar before shimzar and it was the most infuriating shit ever and I imagine it still is despite the skorn. So you might consider looking it up.

About your specific deck, it doesn’t really look like swarm. It has an identity crisis and doesn’t know is it swarm or ramp. If I were to make a midrangey swarm deck which I imagine is what you had it mind, I’d probably go with this one:

*Rooks are Zyxs.