Abyssian so far on my part


So,since Shadow Creep is soon to be reworked,i would like to “reveal” my anti-meta “I HATE EVERYTHING” deck.
Even though i did not have much time to play the last two seasons,i made it to diamond with variants of this deck.July’s deck was this with absolutely no changes.

So far I have played games with this deck on a 55% win ratio,with most losses being:
Kara tigers->Magmars->Spellhai’s

Currently on rank 6. I do think the expansion will make the deck unplayable,since i tend to trade minions to get creep and shadow nova for 7-10 damage for the first time.

So,what do you think.
If you look back on my posts,you will see a post about removals,and this is why. I built a deck reliant on removals and outliving the opponent,either exhausting him by trading,or by making him answer your own threats.Depending on how the game and draws come of course.

EDIT: The most hated (personal opinion) type of Magmar deck i encounter is this.

I sinned by playing the deck,but it climbed nicely.
Warning,mute sound if you hate japanese metal stuff


All I know is day 1 of shimzar I WILL OBLITERATE SOMEONE :smiling_imp:


And I will desiccate someones whole precious board.
Or burst them down with double whisper of the sands