Abyssian Shadow Creep viable?



I was looking for advices about my Abyssian Deck =)
It works with a decent early game building creeps and controlling the board. It ends the game either with a big Obliterate or with Spectral Revenant.

Thanks for the help,



The deck is pretty cookie-cutter with the exception of dark spines. Replace them for some draw (which you lack anyway) and you have a pretty damn fine deck.


I don’t if trade the darkspines for spelljammer or blazehound… It happend that late game I just have to hope on topdecksXD


With that many void pulse you have to play card draw like rite of the undervault, darkspine is only good in a very dedicated shadow creep deck with shadow nova, jugger is the absolute best pay off for shadow creep so:

-3 darkspine +2 rite of the undervault +1 jugger

Ghost azalea is more important for a shadow creep deck than klaxon so:

+2 ghost azalea -2 klaxon

If you really want to keep the klaxon I would then suggest:

-1 obliterate (with the 2 rites you will get it when you want) -1 void pulse +2 ghost azalea