Abyssian Ramp/Dying Wish Deck


This is an experiment of mine, and I’m not quite sure how I want it to work.

As you can see, it’s sort of all over the place.

I haven’t played much Abyssian at all in the time I’ve been playing this game for, having only built a fairly basic Swarm deck about a month ago. There are a lot of one offs and sort of random cards, but it’s made for a varied play style each game I’ve had.

In the short time of today I’ve won 8/11 games, but I’m hovering around rank 6 atm, so take that with a grain of salt. All the games I lost, I lost early. Sometimes I just couldn’t seem to make the deck work like I wanted. That being said, the games I won were generally pretty close. I struggle a bit with Songhai, seeing as they can ignore the board and do crazy nukes at 9 mana, which is generally where I find my games moving towards. Vanar are also an issue, with their crazy dispel. I feel like Lyonar can go either way, but I won all of the ones I faced through probably luck that they couldn’t nuke me fast enough.

Things of note…

  • I’m not sure I’m happy with Jaxi. She is a useful turn one play, and can even let me play Lurking Fear and two of her/Gor in one turn if I start second. This can really help with the lack of momentum I seem to have within early game.

  • Sarlac the Eternal seems to have it’s pros and cons. It does seem to have way more value then Gor though. It is also a great target for ritual banishing/dark sacrifice.

  • Gnasher was a bit of an odd pick, but has worked out great so far, generally being a 3 drop

  • Unseven seems like it has poor stats, and it really really does. But in the games I’ve played, his dying wish can really save me from strife in the early game, pulling out a free Dioltas or something.

  • I’m really unsure about Black Souls. He has only been summoned in 1/11 games, I generally just replace him away. But in one game I got to Rebirth my Vorpal Reaper, making the pairing a huge win condition. Thoughts on what to do here?

  • I’ve thrown a little bit of Deathwatch in, the Shadowdancer is usually dispel bait, but she seems to get some decent mileage. I haven’t managed to play Deathfire Crescendo successfully yet, but I always have a body on the field, with Sarlac around. It also seems to have a conceptual synergy with…

  • Echoing Shriek! Man, this card is great. I only have the one, and I feel like at my current rank, one is enough, but I’m not sure. An interesting point that I wasn’t aware of is that even though Lurking Fear lowers the cost to summon a minion to the board, it doesn’t lower it in terms of play. This means that when I play this card, Jaxi, Mini Jax and Gor are the only minions on my side that are affected! This card has won me a few games, both early and late. It’s a great play most turns, seeing as this meta is more about Zoo and Aggro atm, which involves a lot of two drops. It transphorms even Bloodfire Totems into little friendly Wraithlings. Excellent. These Wraithlings unfortunately don’t seem to work with Black Souls. Shame.

  • Neither Summoning has never been played. Feels wasted, but I don’t know what else to have in the deck. Works in theory.

  • Rite of the Undervault. Don’t have any. Draw would be useful, sure. But when could I play it without sacrificing my lead? I’m not sure about it. Could sub out neither summoning for it. I feel like if my big minions are dead, for 5 mana I can have them back. Or I can draw a full hand of… I just don’t see it working. Thoughts?

  • Arcane Devourer. Feels slow, but I can maybe get it out on turn 3-4 and then drop something huge.

  • Klaxon. Seems good. Stalls, has Dying Wish, Provoke might be handy. What would I take out for her?

I know this deck looks like a scrambled mess, and it is. I’m just really not sure where to take it next. I feel like it will have trouble progressing past my current rank, but it’s been a lot of fun in the short time I’ve had it. Any opinions would be interesting to hear.


For ramp/dying wish Abyssian you should check out my second list here:

Unseven is often a bit of a trap since he just sort of empties your hand, but if you do want to run him don’t run the 2 drop dying wishes with him since it sucks when they pop out with him. Incase you wanted a more midrange and less dedicated ramp version check this out:

It don’t think it’s nearly as good as the first list, but it’s nice and strait forward.


I don’t have much experience with Lurking Fear decks, but here are my thoughts:

First Echoing Shriek is BAD I actually pulled a playset, but I never found a position in any games where I could use it and get a positive gain from it. It doesn’t remove big enough minions.

You might want to cut Gor down to 1 and replace with a Sarlac later. Since they both do similar things, and Sarlac will cost 2 after a Lurking Fear so he’s a bit better.

Next, playing Solus where your only way to trigger its effect is your BBS and a First Class dispel target, doesn’t justify putting him in. I would replace him with Reapers as they have Dying Wish synergy and generate good value even when its effect only summons a 2 drop 5+3+2+3=13=5 Mana Golem

Also Shadow Dancer seems a bit out of place, sure it can help, but it needs a board something you won’t have to the degree she’d be useful. Cut and replace with Rite of the Undervault.

Add more Spectral Revenants!!! Really good finisher, pain to play around, get out of jam, total surprise victory card play at LEAST 2

I would replace Crescendo and Void Steal with 3 Shadow Reflection. The way your deck should play that +5 attack is WAY more useful its great on Dioltas’s Tombstone for a 5/10 provoke, Reaper for a 10 damage Flying, or Reaver for 22 damage.

Some things to consider:
Dispel: Currently an Aymara healer or Super Buffed Minions will hurt. Aymara specifically cannot be cleanly removed.

More 2 drops: You have an exceedingly weak early game and not a very good late game if you don’t draw Lurking Fear it would probably be a good idea to add a few healing mystics for later game survival.

Anyways that’s my thoughts on it hope you have good luck with whatever deck you make.