Abyssian:oblitraith(shadowcreep and wratihlings)


Whats your opinion about this deck?
What to improve/change?


It’s a nice meme deck but nothing more, i honestly don’t think hybrid decks can work above meme level because they are just too dependent on Nocturne which is a bad card from the get go. Only thing i would change are the reapers which i would replace with revenants to have a more dependable win con and phantasm which i would replace with ooz/crawlers to have some more reliable creep generation.


ooz is too weak to thunderhorn
I already run 3 revenants


Oops didn’t see them sorry. If you don’t like ooz use crawlers, or Shadow Nova but then you shouldn’t cut a 2 drop for it. I wouldn’t want to rely entirely on Nocturne to feed my wincons, especially if i run 4 creep based win cons in my deck.


if your going for the hybrid deck than why are you using nekomata? the only thing it can draw is klaxon, reaver, and other nekomatas. i suggest other forms of draw. lkian is oddly suited for hybrbid decks due to how specific some abyssian cards get. i would remove the phantasms since there is really nothing that heavily benefits from it other than revenants and maybe reavers (if they dont get answered).
you dont have enough creep generation without nocturne to justify 2 azaleas AND 2 obliterates. either add some ooz/crawlers or cut half of them
other than obliterate and azaleas, you have nothing that benefits from creep… or wraithlings for that matter. no threats that take advantage of the generated creep/wraithlings. bloodmoon/tide or juggernaut would fix that.
i get you are trying to ramp reavers and revenents with DFS, but you have too many spells for that to be reliable. you have enough to cram in this mess of a deck without adding ramp to it as well


Despite the weakness to thunderhorn, I do believe Ooz is a necessary inclusion for an Obliterate or Ghost Azalea win condition. Otherwise, as great as it is to have nocturne as a two drop, I would hold them any other time as combo pieces.

In other words, it should be expected that any nocturnes on the board will be removed easily before your next turn. So instead, play them the same turn you expect to generate a healthy amount of wraithlings.

Also, the Mana curve of your deck is all sorts of messed up. I wouldn’t run three copies of klaxon or reaver. I would rather just do a couple of klaxons and put in some more removal spells. Punish is a strong and necessary card for Abyssian.


This is pretty much the best advice anyone could give


I kinda disagree with that when speaking about hybrid creep\swarm decks.

Truth is, when you’re going hybrid your swarm cards can generate much more creep than creep cards. Using inkling is already a smart move, but hoolahoop priestess or wraithling swarm are also very effective (with a nocturne on board) to generate loads of creep, and also useful even without nocturne.

I think the deck goes too big too much. Six 6 mana minions are too much. And what the hell is Nekomata doing there? You’re kinda making Creep/Swarm/Big Abyss/ Dying wish deck with no swarm wincon (which is rather good to include). I would make your hybridisation much more modest by going:

-3 Vorpal
-2 Nekomata
-3 Darkfire
-1 Klaxon
+2 Grimoire (or DFC)
+3 Bloodmoon
+3 Shadow dancer OR +3 Desolator
+1 Rite (it’s rather easy to find will all that cycle if needed)


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