Abyssian new deck Three's Company (Alpha)




I dont really play abyssian anymore but ill give my 5 cents on which cards im think dont synergise with what you deck is trying to achieve, which is survive till turn 7 to play variaxx and have a decent board presence to do so.

Remove these cards:
Bloodtear x2
Healing Mystic x2
Maw x2
Repulsor Beast x2
Grasp of Agony x3

Add these cards:
Sphere of Darkness (better than bloodtear alchemist because of the card draw although it does lack the body its up to which one u prefer)
Gor x3
Shadowdancer x1
Grandmaster Variaxx x1
Daemonic Lure x1
Ritual Banishing x3 (literally the best removal in the game when you have an active Gor)


I like somethings you got going there.
I like the bloodtear Alchemist because drawing them in the first or second turn allows you to play them on a mana tile or close enough for them to think about and normally I can play something else to start the pressure early.
I like the Sphere of Darkness but my deck really doesn’t use the mechanic so it just ends up cycling into another card that I would have got anyways but I see your point.
I like gor except the fact that he ends up just spending endless turns derping around the board doing nothing after he dies, but I want to put the gors in and play with it. I really like the kill capability with him and Ritual banishing.
Maw is nice because it can remove or set up a punish without really having to trade. I really like demonic lure so I should have 3 I usually do this is just me testing the cards to see what they do over time. I’ll try some of these and see what happens. Thank you for taking the time to help me :slight_smile:


Three cards are very, very conspicuous in their absence; Keliano, Cryptographer, and Ephemeral Shroud.

Out of all the generals, I feel that Cryptographer benefits Lilith the most. In the early game, it can provide either delayed swarm. In the early game, it does its job contests mana tiles and also makes your next turn quite powerful. It can be played for 2, or even 4 wraithlings. Furthermore, it combos with Furosa to make 3/3s and, once you upgrade your BBS, serves as a huge threat.

This one needs no explanation. Keliano is the single best healing card in the game, even after Trinity Oath and Scintilla. She makes all your small minions heal you, making it much harder for Lyonar to burn you down after their initial push. With a Shadowdancer in play, Keliano heals for 1 every tile the Dancer triggers. 3 health for every dead wraithling! If you make a clean trade, you are healed for a whopping 5 health! Unless you want to completely commit to aggro, Keliano should be considered for every swarm.

Ephemeral Shroud
Cheap dispel. The actual minions may be weak, but it still works with deathwatch. Dispel is extremely relevant right now.


Cryptographer: I am just a derp and completely missed this one. Good lord that is some power. If I’d had seen this of course I would have put it in the deck great call.

Keliano: It seems it is better with my playstyle to slow the game down and be in the right place at the right time so I put 2 in the deck.

Ephemeral shroud: I like the idea of weakening a minion and then possibly having it turn to a 6/6 with the Horror buster.

Here’s what I am trying:


just played against Lynor and wow I took him down. Very happy so far going to playtest some more see what works with this but thank you for the help. Lets see what happens.


Yup, Gor and Rit Banishing is super strong. Compared to Dark Transformations it costs the same mana, but you have a permanent 1/1 on the field. Following casts are discounted by 2.


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