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Abyssian Maehv Xor'Xuul


I’ve been having fun with this :stuck_out_tongue:
thoughs and suggestions will be appreciated


What I want to say is that you dont have a real wincon in your deck. I recommend adding in Shadowdancers and Sarlacs, and take out Priestess and Illusionists. Replace Xeroloths with Nekomatas, and your list should be good to go(maybe take out grasp for 3rd Gor and Alcuin)


oh!, I do have a win-con: nearly filling the field with XorXuul + spam, rng will face spam my reborn minions and I have a great meat wall. Spell damage and flying minions can be a problem tho.


I would not call that a valid wincon tho. Shadowdancer does various things, it protects board from boardclears, heals you and accelerates your opponents death, especially after Xor


IMO the most effective list looks similar to this

It has sustain, card advantage, board clears and Tempo


problem is mana curve doesn’t work like you expect to on a self destroying deck so I usually need bodies with lower cost, I already tried something along the lines of what you recommend but it was too slow -for me-. If you could see both versions working you would know what I mean.


Yes you do have a win condition!
Honestly it’s perfectly fine at a certain level on the ladder, but after that a lot of players add another layer of violence to make sure the win is bulletproof.
As it happens that some decks are fast enough or snowball so strongly that even with Xor’Xuul you could lose before you can kill their General…

So on top of Xor’Xuul it’s stronger to add Shadowdancers, Shadow Sister, or Furor Chakram, or something of this caliber.


Yep if the focus is on swarm as it seems to be here, Chakram is a really good option


I think this has a fairly good reputation too

Its about the idea(certainly get rid of blood tear)-i don,t know how an optimized version looks


i dont see dying wish decks as a deck that should swarm, you can make one with sarlacs and gor but i think it is more of a control/midrange deck


Not typically, but that’s one very possible way to focus on. Swarm can also be control/midrange at the same time.


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