Abyssian is OP [Change My Mind]


I do not know if you are referring to me or the person that beat me but no, he played mostly with creeps and his deck was focused on dealing the most with everything. It really surprised me as I, whenever I play abyssian I use swarms (not my main) and I wasn’t expecting a deck focused on late game, and that one only abyssian aspect of it. Its like being a lyonar focused only on zeal, not provoke nor constant healing.


It is them then!


Rumor has it there is still a swarm master pubstomping diamond with an iron fist.


Lemme guess. Is it Seedy?


Thats only because fault is so ridiculous that everyone trys to counter it


Last time I saw seedy, which was like 2 months ago or something he was playin aggro cassyva. But he is a damn good swarm player.


As well as the meta evolving to beat it, people are also realising that Wanderer Rag is a far better deck.


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