Abyssian Grandmaster Variax?!


This was just revealed:

The art seems to be inspired by depictions of Hindu Deities. In Hinduism, many arms are used to convey the wide variety of characteristics and aspects a deity controlled, as well as their power. Here, since this character has nothing in their hands besides Abyssian Fire, it may represent the character’s desire, and power, to obliterate everything. If you follow the lore, especially the Abyssian sister’s Ciphertext story, this is especially relevant since the Abyssian are shown to be working against the wished of the Tree of Eyos, seeking to destroy it before it destroys them.

Judging by the art, and the fact that all previous grandmasters had something to do with Generals, I predict that this minion would be something like:

5 mana
You may use your Bloodborn Spell as any number of times on each turn.


based on the animation, i would assume that its more aggressively statted than that. maybe 7/5 for 6 or 7 mana

anybody else notice the calculator tail?


What is this coming out in?? I thought monthly expansions to the Core set would never be faction specific, and that they weren’t planning monthly expansions to Shim’zar?


I assume either a brand new expansion or the “prophecy cards” mentioned in the Sisters roundtable.


I’m assuming it will be an expansion card, they often tease the art for cards many months before they actually make it into the game. Doesn’t seem to me like they’d mix grandmaster faction cards into the prophecy cards, that’d be kind of weird considering how tight the theme was with the seven sisters and how we already have 2 of the 6 grandmasters.


It looks so good that I honestly don’t even care what it does. And seeing as it’s a grandmaster, it’s effect will definitely be at least interesting anyway so whatever.


This would totally make me main Abyssian lol


There was a developers podcast last week and this was the “spoiler reveal” that they generally do at the end of them. It’s not coming any time soon. The next expansion isn’t planned until the end of the year.