Abyssian endgame seems a bit OP


Obliterate, Crescendo, Reaver, Revenant and Klaxon just to name a few. Am I the only one who feels this way?


oh yes, compared to songhai spiral, baconator OTK and phoenix spam? definitely
insert sarcasm font here^

i admit revenant is kinda OP but the rest require a lot of set up to pull off. not to mention every single card you mentioned is Legendary.
and unless you plan on complaining about ayylmao healer, dont complain about reaver and klaxon


I think that diverse is the word that you’re looking for.

Abyssian does not have strictly OP endgame cards, just a lot of pretty good ones. This allows you to pick and choose to find the perfect lategame blend for you. Very few decks will run all the cards you listed and still be good. For example, who would run Klaxon in Deathwatch, or Crescendo in creep? I think that the fact that Abyssian has a diverse lategame is a very good thing for the game and far from broken.

The lategame for other factions, for example, are far more predictable. Magmar had Mandrake, and maybe Elder, Songhai has spiral technique, Lyonar also has some diversity, but usually ends up playing neutrals for late game, Vanar rarely plays their infaction lategame, and Vetruvian, hailed for having a great endgame, only has two standout cards above 6 mana.


What actually makes Abyssian’s lategame kinda OP is Rite of the Undervault.


Cards like obliterate and crescendo need setup to be worth it. Reaver and klaxon do nothing the turn you play them and are awful when you are behind. Yes Klaxon has provoke but you can compare it to aymara: you are literally banking on the opponent not having a response so it’s not that good of a play when played from behind.
Revenant is strong but unless you can drop 3 of them in a row, it just acts as a finisher or removal.


Obliterate - relies you on having sufficient amount of creeps
Crescendo - relies on you having sufficient amount of small minions
Reaver - enemy has a whole turn to deal with it
Revenant - only card here that’s actually broken
Klaxon - same as reaver, but even less threatening due to lack of celerity


Although better at locking down opponents with provoke