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Can share one with Purgatos+Chakram please ? Sounds fun.


As a 3/5, Purgatos isn’t a half bad option. Usually there’s just something better to consider. I think it’s very good in Maehv (non-Xor) lists.


agreed with this …


Here’s my stupid Self-Harm Maehv from February. Needs some tweaking (Chakram and Purgatos to 3x if you wanna focus on them), but should be still fun to play :slight_smile:


My current deck in the first post of this thread is a fun thing and features a purgatos chakram angle, among other oddities. Chakram thunderhorn is also sick, and there are enough repositioning tools to make these happen.
Edit! deceptib0t and sojourner too!


speaking of getting high value procs from chakram, how’s abyss-hai faring these days? that one you made with the teleports and shizz. is it better now that p-pluck is out, or is it now shite cause of the sphere nerf?


It was pretty shitty during rotation times, without Ooz and Sphere, now I dunno, didn’t test it much. I was mostly exploiting crescent spear prev season, this season I barely played.


I’m interested in teleports and shizz. Do you have a deck list?


Still dunno what shizz means, but teleport is nethermeld.


shizz is outdated internet slang for stuff


I was trying to be humorous. Seems I failed.


Here’s my (quite old) version Miguel’s Abyss deck and discussion space


nah, it’s just me being awake at 5am.


Let’s move into the next room and discover this unusual scene, provided by @alplod. Perhaps unfamiliar to you, Abyssian youth loves to throw shockingly fun and alcohol-doused surprise parties on the beaches during the vacation season we call “Neck Break Festival”.

Behold the pleasures of youth, self indulgence, and springing out of a sand pit with razor-sharp claws.

Miguel's Abyss deck and discussion space

Sounds like the season to be festive!


Wow Nethermeld, I never paid attention to this card before. That deck is pure dedication (for dropping these creep tiles around) just to enable 3 move spells. Although with Spectral Revenant I can imagine some scandalous wins. Fun.


One T-horn or Rev teleport is often enough. With added ramp now.

Super fun against strategos, btw.


Vorpal Reaver is also a beast with Nethermeld. 12 damage, from almost anywhere on the board if left unchecked.


Hm, Vorpal with frenzy is not bad. I may consider it in the future.


i found my perfect maehv deck :>>>>> (i call it relentless rampage)
[relentless Rampage ]MTozNTUsMjozMTQsMjozMTgsMzozMjIsMzozNDAsMjozNDEsMTozNTcsMzozNTksMzoxMTA5NSwzOjE5MDQ1LDM6MjAwNDksMzoyMDA1NywzOjIwMDU5LDM6MjAxNjYsMzoyMDIyNiwyOjIwMzM0