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Here’s my stupid Self-Harm Maehv from February. Needs some tweaking (Chakram and Purgatos to 3x if you wanna focus on them), but should be still fun to play :slight_smile:

My current deck in the first post of this thread is a fun thing and features a purgatos chakram angle, among other oddities. Chakram thunderhorn is also sick, and there are enough repositioning tools to make these happen.
Edit! deceptib0t and sojourner too!

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speaking of getting high value procs from chakram, how’s abyss-hai faring these days? that one you made with the teleports and shizz. is it better now that p-pluck is out, or is it now shite cause of the sphere nerf?

It was pretty shitty during rotation times, without Ooz and Sphere, now I dunno, didn’t test it much. I was mostly exploiting crescent spear prev season, this season I barely played.

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I’m interested in teleports and shizz. Do you have a deck list?

Still dunno what shizz means, but teleport is nethermeld.

shizz is outdated internet slang for stuff

I was trying to be humorous. Seems I failed.

Here’s my (quite old) version Miguel’s Abyss deck and discussion space

nah, it’s just me being awake at 5am.

Let’s move into the next room and discover this unusual scene, provided by @alplod. Perhaps unfamiliar to you, Abyssian youth loves to throw shockingly fun and alcohol-doused surprise parties on the beaches during the vacation season we call “Neck Break Festival”.

Behold the pleasures of youth, self indulgence, and springing out of a sand pit with razor-sharp claws.


Sounds like the season to be festive!

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Wow Nethermeld, I never paid attention to this card before. That deck is pure dedication (for dropping these creep tiles around) just to enable 3 move spells. Although with Spectral Revenant I can imagine some scandalous wins. Fun.

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One T-horn or Rev teleport is often enough. With added ramp now.

Super fun against strategos, btw.

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Vorpal Reaver is also a beast with Nethermeld. 12 damage, from almost anywhere on the board if left unchecked.

Hm, Vorpal with frenzy is not bad. I may consider it in the future.

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i found my perfect maehv deck :>>>>> (i call it relentless rampage)
[relentless Rampage ]MTozNTUsMjozMTQsMjozMTgsMzozMjIsMzozNDAsMjozNDEsMTozNTcsMzozNTksMzoxMTA5NSwzOjE5MDQ1LDM6MjAwNDksMzoyMDA1NywzOjIwMDU5LDM6MjAxNjYsMzoyMDIyNiwyOjIwMzM0

Let me run this through the Artistic Interpretation Machine of the Abyssian.
This is a process that is supposed to happen behind the scenes though. We’re in a museum, dammit. :face_with_monocle: Please dress up.

How does your deck work?

well its pretty much just ramping ur way to xor and memeing with grimes
its a 50/50 deck i think but its been going really well with ranking for me

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