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Abyssian Cultural Grotto


Good evening, fellow edgelords.

This is the North West Abyssian Cultural Promotion Service, now reaching out to the rest of the world with the aim of improving respect and appreciation of our demented way of life and culture.

PM me your decklists (in textual ingame export format), and I will publish them in this thread for display and discussion, using our magnificent traditional carved lettering.



how about we also start speaking/writing in this language, you know to preserve it


First exhibit, from Laatdovahkiin, is a tribute to our well-known Abyssian good appetite and light-hearted slaps in the face.

I don’t really know how we could convey the beauty of our spoken language through internet web forum using ASCII characters, though, but I like your idea.


@laatdovahkiin Funny, I would have thought these kind ran 2 Obliterate. In general, what’s your most frequent finishing move with your deck?


Is this the language of the Abyssian?


I only have one obliterate and azalea, i think one obliterate is enough since it clears the creeps.
Most of the time i finish with obliterate, sometimes azalea, rarely juggernaut, they always dispel or remove it quick


Sure it is. It is the language of the Abyssian. Don’t listen to the naysayers, they are plants of the Southern Abyssian Cultural Pit and a bunch of clowns.


Our next exhibit comes from @buyingcoats and depicts the Abyssian values of generous hospitality for criminals.

Fluffy pidgeon is an actual cutthroat and a proud addition to the Abyssian society.


@buyingcoats : I think Dioltas is incredibly strong. How does Alcuin Fugitive work for you? Is it worth the 5 mana cost?


Its good if you dfs it out. Potentially crazy if it trades and you can nether summoning it back and recur another copy


Is there an actual guide for this somewhere?


No guide, as it’s actually a bit complicated and requires a bunch of stuff set up.



It was a funny idea I had and an interesting technical puzzle to solve, in the end I didn’t think I’d make anyone any smarter by sharing the klunky “generator” I came up with. It was more funny to advertise a “service” (and I got good decklists out of it \o/ ).


Borrowed from @specialsheep 's personal collection, the following piece illustrates the thriving Arcanyst lifestyle in the abyss, our land of exemplary healthcare achieved by carpet granting of immortality.


@specialsheep You run no Owlbeast Sage in the mix? What? :astonished:


Some deck justification.

Owlbeast Sage is certainly powerful but unfortunately it is a little greedy and a little clunky. The real power of this deck is playing Aethermaster into Kron and Trinity, two of the most powerful 5 drops in the game. In fact Trinity wing is so strong we play Death Knell just to bring it back (it triggers bond). The difference with purgatos is we can slam it aggressively or defensively at 4 mana, doesn’t need any setup and punishes the opponent for leaving it up or trading it down.

Almost the entire remainder of the deck is just a buffer to try and maintain board control and stay healthy. The best part, we don’t need card draw when we can replace generated cards for real cards multiple times per turn.


It seems strong, I have no experience with Trinity Wing, I have to try it some day. I fully agree on Purgatos, supplemented with Void Pulse and possibly other life leech available in Abyssian he is very interesting. Thanks for the deck list and presentation.


To support Abyssian healing theme, Sunseer/Purgatos + Chakram provide crazy healing. Sunseer is also an Arcanyst, so you may consider it, @specialsheep.


Yeah I love the sunseer idea and plan to try it out. Prismatic Illusionist is the weakest part of the deck at the moment so I want to exchange that. I’ll get a second chakram in here aswell somehow.


ok … purgatos without a cakhram ?? why ??