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Abyssian Creep Sarlac the Eternal

How would Sarlac the eternal do in an Shadow creep list? This is the list im running right now http://bagoum.com/deckbuilder#MTozMjMsMzozMDgsMzoyMDM1NiwzOjIwMDUyLDM6MTAwMjAsMjoxMDk4MSwyOjMzNywzOjIwMjQzLDM6MjAzNjcsMToxMTEyNSwzOjIwMzc0LDI6MTAwMTYsMToxOTA0NSwzOjMwOSwyOjIwMDUxLDE6MjAwNTAsMTozNjAsMToyMDMzMSwxOjIwMjI3LDE6MzMz Ive started this game about a month ago and I dont have much spirit so this is what I came up with, I looked up (mostly out-dated) shadow creep lists and I dont see Sarlac anywhere in there. Is it simply because there are better options out there that I just dont have? Im playing at around rank 10-15 right now and I dont face much dispell, it seems to work well against both aggro and control (again, because of no dispell, I can see that its very weak to it). Sorry btw I dont know how to make my decklist appear as a picture instead of a link :confused:

click on the save button and choose either save or Imgur, both work

Well, my first advice would be to not play Creep in standart mode, since most of the creep support is Unlimited.

BUT, if you really want to play Rotation Creep, then here are some advices:
If you want to play Nocturne, Lilithe is your general.
Bloodbound mentor, again great in Lilithe Nocturne creep decks, not so good in Cass.
Munch is really powerful, try to fit the 3rd in.
Where the hell is Daemonic Lure???
Sarlac is only good in creep if you want to spam your bbs on it(not really advisable).
If you are going to run Juggernaut, put in 2x Cadence

Dear mother of jesus christ, cadence sounds nice. I felt like I was lacking the burst in this deck. tyvm. Daemonic lure would replace the beast then? Im not sure about the general, if u say so you’re probably right. Ill look to make these changes and see where it goes

fyi lure is a 3x in any and all abyss decks


Roger that brotherman

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