Abyssian Cassyva/ AKA SPIKED PUNCH


HI :smiley: , I was playing my decklist and having some success but was wondering about any feedback. I’ve played a decent amount of game. The deck is designed to punish you for leaving anything on the board and dragging the game out with high toughness and minion placement. The high toughness allows me to play around AOE clears a lot which was my initial inspiration for the decklist. Thanks in advance :smiley:


I haven’t really playd Cassyva at all, but lately I have been doing a ton of expirimenting with Arcanyst decks. Do you feel like Mana Forger is pulling its weight? If not try swapping out 1 . 2 or even 3 for Abjuducators. You have a lot of spells and reducing the cost of them leads to plays that otherwise are not possible.

Reducing the cost of cheap spells is good for comboing them, and if you get a reduction on Rite of the Undervault then it can help prevent you from overdrawing if you have to cast it mid-game. I do run a much lower curve than you do with my Lilith, but running 3 Rites with 3 Abjuducators is a blast.

You can also kill your own abjuducators to generate creep in mirror matches/desperate situations. I put them on enemy creep myself lategame so that they can’t generate more.


I like the card but one of the problems with abjudicators is it allows the enemy to answer it with an AOE and makes it easier to 2 for one me with its low toughness. It also costs 3 and not 2. I also don’t have any :3. I’ve noticed that 3 toughness is the sweet spot for dodging AOEs. Making someone use two resources to kill something that isn’t really essential to the deck. The beauty of the deck is every point of damage counts. I played two games yesterday where my 9/9 became a 19/19 because I drew into two shadow reflection.

Thank you for bringing Abjudicator to my attention though as I will probably use it in a future deck :smiley:


if you’re going for a drawn out game plan using a high amount of spells, then why not just go all in for the arcanyst variation? currently maw and primus fist could be removed for arcanysts of your choice. in addition to this it is generally agreed that shadow nova is waaaay too slow to achieve anything and honestly you’re just as good letting your creep developing passively (3x crawlers and 3x ooz’s are all you need). another suggestion would be to swap out 2x night fiends for 2x owlbeast’s again increasing the synergy.

this is my variation of that type of deck, although i completely ignore creep in it (if you could find a way to somehow fit both together that might work nicely). alcuin loremasters are also extremely good because they create value by recycling spells (also theyre an arcanyst so thats always good). final point is that inkhorn gaze is one of the best cheap spells because it’s handy removal and often gives you a 1 mana minion that you can throw out and not worry about. hope this all helps you :slight_smile:


I like some of the ideas in here but I feel the first thing that jumps out at me is the 3 x Spectral Revenants is a little too greedy. I really like the Alcuin loremaster but I was wondering does it only scoop a spell from the turn you are in or, as I think it works, does it grab any spell that was the last cast reguardless of the player. I am going to try and make the creep version and show you what I come up with but I am on break from work :stuck_out_tongue:. You’ll hear from me again.


Just made it to rank 10 :smiley: This is the revision of the deck I originally started with. Taking suggestions and putting my own spin on it Still probably could use some work but here it is.


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