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Abyss help. 15 baaaaaa


Never really played abyss, but i thought a lilith creep might be fun.

I need suggestions and critics.



Not a big fan of yelp though


1/5 star review; not enough detail


First impressions.
Not a lot of reliable (early) creep. Way too dependent on Nocturne. Gonna be hard to use all those Munches. Maybe a few OOZ.
Cryptos are great with Lilithe, especially when you have Furiosa.
You have pretty much zero early drops that can contest mana tiles.


Yea well i almost never played abyss so… that’s where i’m getting back to my cold north


This is a very rough draft but I would probably try something like this:


Basically it doesn’t actually try to play swarm at all, wraithlings are just an anoying stall tool and have the potential to make insane amount of creep and or creep can make lots of wraithlings, buying you the time for extra devastating oblit/juggs.

Although I do think I want to cram grimwar in there somewhere.

Edit: Maybe this



Don’t play Abyssian. Please!


Why is that?
(I play only vanar anyway)


See the “When you look into the Abyssian, the Abyssian looks into you” discussion I had with @alplod some time ago. Too lazy to find it, and you probably are too. Whatevs


@snowshot welcome to the dark side


Cause every Abyss deck with Desolator is op apparently :stuck_out_tongue:


EXACTLY! (Someone listens)


why do people even play deso still? its body is so bad now :confused:


But the effect is still annoying and oretty good for sustain


It still wins games, so, why not?


well okay, i can’t argue with that. have to say though, the board presence isnt what it used to be.


I usually insta sac it for a 4/4


The difference between a 2/1 and 3/1 body is huge, but Deso is still good. Just hurts that the last op card we had was nirfed in a game full of op cards :confused:


Chakram still loves us.