Abyss Creep deck that got me to rank 3


-Darkfire Sacrifice X2
-Abyss Crawler X3
-Sphere of Dark x3
-Demonic Lure x3
-Darkspine Elemental x2
-Gor x2
-Inkhorn Gaze x2
-Ooz x3
-Ritual Banishing x2
-Shadow Nova x3
-Sister Kelaino x2
-Dark Transformation x1
-Inquisitor Kron x1
-Night Fiend x3
-Sunset paragon x2
-Revenant x2
-Obliterate x1

just fill the board with creep, and survive as long as you can so you can 1 shot your opponent with obliterate


How well does gor work? I tried using him but he seemed lackluster, I’m interested to see what ideas you used.


What deck are you using gor on?


A creep deck, similar to what OP is running. No Kron or Obliterate, but I have ghost azalea.


it won me a couple games, is a cheaper sarlac, it has a ton of potencial with darkfire and ritual banishing, and i had a game where gor distracted a battle pet into a corner for half of the game