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Abyss any good now? Deck sharing space

Don’t be shy and post your ideas!
We can all discuss them together and come up with some interesting stuff!
I’ll start:

Go to miguels thread


It’s fine to make a thread for it as Miguel’s was posted for his own decks.

No, Abyss isn’t great. Best decks are probably creep Cass and Tempo or DW Maehv

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People have been sharing all kinds of decks in my thread for quite a while now. But more Abyss discussion is always cool so no harm done :slight_smile:

As for the deck, Horror is a bit weird since transforming your Gors and Sarlacs loses you value? Otherwise seems ok if you can get the trial off.

It might be a good post trial option, since infinite 6/6>infinite 1/1

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I feel like Horror works best with Sarlac and Gor, guaranteed target which makes Burster a threat and a 2/3 mana 6/6 is way better than a Sarlac or Gor, so you don’t lose value, plus you likely already got some value from them.


But wouldn’t you anyway want to pop Burster yourself in a Xor deck? I’m not saying it can’t be decent, just seems like there would be other better options. Sure it’s great post-trial, but anything beefy is great post-trial.

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There’s nothing better post trial than dancer, IMO.


Why do you run Chakram when you can’t swarm? Is it for the infinite Sarlacs?

Well, chakram is so good that you can actually put it in any minion based list.


Also it speeds up the game quite a bit post-trial

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Some thoughts.

Would have thought Horror better with cheap minions.
Horror(3) + Sarlac (3) = 6 mana

Random spawns, especially GOR, means Horror might be at some random useless corner.

Always good to have a 6/6.
Just remember it is ONE immortal 6/6 vs Multiplying immortal Sarlacs.
Might be a bit awkward if you transform 6/1 Xor to a 6/6 Horror.


Well… I like one immortal Saberspine better than an immortal Horror FYI


I don’t follow what you’re trying to say here. In general yes you do want to pop burster yourself but then it has a chance to override your Husk, and if you can guarantee it’ll have a target AND not override your husk AND not have to BBS, well that’s pretty good.

You don’t need to worry about what’s good post trial in a Xor deck.

Yes that was exactly my point. Fair enough for the Burster play, I wouldn’t use it myself in a deck like this but sure it’s a valid option.

I don’t quite agree. Post trial you usually want to win ASAP before aggro or combo can kill you. There may not be enough time for thoughtful board based play.

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