About monthly contests


So since we already have card design and fanart monthly contests why don’t we have music contests? I’m no composer myself, but with the music in duelyst being so great why don’t we have something for the wannabe Ben Macdougall’s ( or upstarts for that matter)? Please vote below

  • Yes
  • No

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I ship this. But Warframe did it first


Well, it would be really REALLY cool, but I’m not sure how many musicians are on the forums, and if turnout is low it might be a bit depressing… :confused:


Not really, whether or not it becomes a popular contest I’m sure that it’ll be an interesting one. Anyways the fanart contest hasn’t seen many entries, but its reception is still positive…right? :sweat_smile:


That’s a great idea, and as I always recommend if you think theirs a want for it, be the change you want to see in the world, more than happy to support stuff like this :slight_smile:


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