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Hello everyone I would love to praise CPG truly for the introduction to boss fights even if none of us got to experience it yet, and I have a story I think is worth sharing

As an introduction you probably should watch this short video, some of you might know it while others probably won’t, it comes from one of the first games that I ever got to play: (Age of Empires 2)

((Looks like there is an issue with YouTube and discourse, I am going to leave the video above until it’s fixed and for now here is a link to the video through bitly http://bit.ly/2jdUtEp ))

The game itself never really fascinated me too much, it was too easy for most part and I felt more attached to turn-based strategies over real-time ones. But this intro left a whole different impression on me. As a child I would sometimes sit in front of the chess board and try to assign different HPs and abilities to each piece, I wanted Rooks to be more than just a piece, to be a building; a tower sometimes, a castle others, a barracks often where you can train more troops.

I always wanted chess to be like that! I always wanted it to be a real war with each unit being more than just another piece that can destroy all other pieces but just moves differently.

And I did play many games of that sort (Final Fantasy Tactics, Fire Emblem) but none of them was able to leave in me the feeling of a true warfare, a true war of chess.

Enter Duelyst.

Not only did it satisfy my need for a card game after Hearthstone felt like it was over officially (I still hate the fact they couldn’t try to balance their game instead of introducing formats sigh) but it also satisfied that childhood urge for a true war of chess, against real opponents and, soon to be, against boss control AIs

Imagine all the possibilities!

A 10x10 board with “structures” that resembles a castle and you’re the invading army attempting to break the castle and inside there is but a king with 0 attack and 1 HP. The structures absorb ranged damage to prevent abuse of course and there are archers behind them that will be raining your army with showers of fiery arrows as you attempt to break into their fort just to slaughter their king whole although but a weakling in terms of physical might, he has more tricks down his sleeves than just his armies. He is old and knows some old wizardy ways of… calling down a meteor?? As your army breaks into the first row of defences he summons a meteor that covers an area of 5x5 and deals 50 damage to all minions! Farewell beloved warriors

Suddenly your general is alone, but that would be a shame and a rather impossible fight to be won, so the game sends you some assistance in form of a group of knights immune to meteors at which part your general and these immune soldiers are all hope left in winning, because looks like the king also has some anti-spell magic down his other sleeve!

You can continue the story however you please from here… because well, it’s a game! You play it your own way though I would hope for you all to be able to beat the evil king

Thanks, CPG, truly! And continue all the great work :heart:

Community Created Boss Fights

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