Abominator Contest (by DieMango)


Such a beauty…

This is Abominator (was called Atrocitus but Marvel claimed that name…). A WIP Fanmade unit and i cant think of an good effect.

Thats where you come in and help me a little!

The Little Contest:

The idea is to try a new format to see if this coud be something for the Monthly Contest (artwork and flavor already there but Name and Effect is open)

There are 3 Themes you can go for:

Reprodution and self damage:

-Something like a Twist on the Black Locust effect…be creativ and try to use selfdamage effects to keep it strategic.

Eating and Growing:

-Something that triggers as an Opening Gambit or when he destroys things…a Example woud be the Boogeymonster in HS or make something like Grovekeeper.

Suicide-bomber + little Bodypieces that act on there own:

Just a giant Dying Wish that spawns little Battlepets that are the twitching Bodypart…and they do something too…

Or a crazy Combinatio of the ideas above!


Tell me a Minion-idea and i make it in Photoshop! And little Sprite made in Graphics Gale! Be in the jury next time

Choose with me the Possible Effect-theme next time! Be in the Jury next time!

Be in the jury next time…

The contest will go 2 weeks and will end on the 9th of November 20:00 Germany-time (tell me wich timezone that is…i am stupid)


Its GMT + 1 :smiley:

No idea if there is an actual name for the timezone lol.


My idea will be along a ‘Reproduction + Growing’ line of things. Stats and effects probably need tweaking but here goes.

[details=Reproduction + Growing]
Abominator - 6 Mana (5/4)
“At the end of your turn, summon an ‘Abominite’ nearby.”

Abominite - 1 Mana (1/2)
“At the start of your turn, give all Abominators +1 Health.”[/details]

[details=Eating + Growing]
Abominator - 6 Mana (6/5)
“Whenever this minion destroys another, summon an ‘Abominite’ nearby.”

Abominite - 1 Mana (2/1)
“At the start of your turn, give all Abominators and Abominites +1 Health.”[/details]


I see a thing made out of others, and my idea is something like:

6 mana 4/4
Dying wish: summon 2 2/2 atrocities nearby

Neutrak, token
2 mana 2/2
Dying wish: summon 2 1/1 mutations nearby

Neutral, token
1 mana 1/1


My 1 idea now.

Abominator (Dying Wish)

6 mana
Dying Wish: Summon 3 2/2 Aboominators nearby


2 mana
Dying Wish: Deal 3 damage to a random adjacent enemy


5 Mana
Dying Wish: Summon Writhing Fleshes equal to this creature’s power nearby.

Writhing Flesh
1 Mana
Battle Pet
After this minion moves, if two or more Writhing Fleshes are nearby, destroy two and transform this minion into Abominator.

A kind of pseudo rebirth. The bigger he was when he died, the more likely he is to come back. 1 health means you can clear them out with a skorn, could be 1/2s instead, relying on being well clustered enough. Gave it a bit more power to demand a cleaner solution, but still dies to ping+skorn; thought of more health in any of these seems solid if you don’t want it so cleanly resolved.


"Suicide bomber / Little body pieces"
Abominator - 6 mana - Neutral - Minion - 4/6
Death Wish: Deal 2 damage to all surrounding minions and summon a random Flesh Part

Blood Crawler - Flesh Part - 3 mana - Token Battlepet - 2/3
When this minion attacks another enemy minion, destroy both of them. (Unreliable one time minion removal)

Flesh Giant - Flesh Part - 3 mana - Token Battlepet - 4/4
At the start of your turn, deal 1 damage to this minion. (Loses value over time)

Crimson Parasite - Flesh Part - 3 mana - Token Battlepet - 2/2
When this minion attacks an enemy minion, give them -3/3 in stats. (Allows better trades)


Nice entries so fra…i like the splitting thingi from painfulelegy…

Nelf…maybe make the battlepets a little better…kinda underwhelming…


You have to consider the fact that your getting two bodies for the cost of 6, and that they total to a strength total that can be superior to a golem. It also has the ability to be used for stats AND utility, so I tried not making them “too” good.


The problem is that 6 mana minions are really not a rarity…so another proactive minion in that 6 mana slot has to compete with alot.

But then again am not that great at card-disign/balancing ‘_’


Can’t argue with that, I might edit my suggestion a little since I can also see where your getting at.


Reproduction and self-damage

Abominator - 6 mana 3/7
At the end of your turn, summon two Fleshy Outgrowth on nearby tiles.

Fleshy outgrowth - 3 mana 0/4
At the start of your turn, summon two Pustulent Piercers nearby.

Pustulent piercer - 2 mana 2/1 rush.

Eating and Growing

Abominator - 5 mana 1/5
When this unit kills an enemy, reactivate it and gain +2 damage.

Suicide-bomber + Bodypieces

_Abominator - 5 mana 6/3 _
Dying wish: Deal 2 damage to all surrounding enemies and spawn an Abomi and Nator.

Abomi - 1 mana 1/4
When next to a Nator at the start of your turn, destroy both and summon Abominator with Rush.

Nator - 1 mana 1/4
When next to an Abomi at the start of your turn, destroy both and summon Abominator with Rush.


Here I come !
I just might edit as I come up with new ideas.

Suicide-bomber + little Bodypieces that act on their own

Dying Wish : Summon four Distorted Claw on random spaces nearby

Distorted Claw
Battle Pets / Frenzy

Keep in mind that I see this card as a Legendary to justify its powerful effects.

EDIT : Inverted the Battle Pets’ stats
Changed named to Kh’tul to show it comes from the sea
Also made it so it fits the new rules


When the Flesh beast dies the Fleshling gets health?..probably something wrong with that…

BTW Its a giant crab so Flesh beast isnt a fitting name…


Oh, right ! I didn’t notice I put it so XD Gonna try to find a better name


See what i did there eh eh?
6 Mana 4/6
At the end of your turn deal two damage to this minion and summon a 3/2 Battle pet with Dying Wish: Deal two damage two* everything around this. When a Dying wish is triggered A-Bomb-In-Ate-R gains +2 health.

THERE a combination of all three.
*See what i did there eh eh?


[details=idea 1]Abominator
5 mana 2/8
when this minion takes damage, summon a 2/2 limb

1 mana 2/2 battlepet
if this minion kills an enemy minion, transform this minion into an Abominator

it reproduces by fighting, then it grows by feeding on the weak[/details]

[details=idea 2]Abominator
5 mana 5/3
dying wish: summon 8 1/1 blobs on random spaces

1 mana 2/1 battle pet
dying wish:deal 2 damage to ALL nearby minions and generals

it is literally a walking time bomb

[details=idea 3]Abominator
7 mana 5/5
whenever this minion attacks an enemy minion, summon an abominator on a nearby space

it reproduces by taking a bite out of its prey[/details]
final answer = idea 1.


This is so awesome!

It reminds of the SCP Universe Ancient Sarkicism abomination or a mob from Binding of Issac. I can just imagine its sprite twitching like flesh and its maw chattering erratically to its self. Perfect nightmare fuel.

  • Reproduction and Self damage/Suicide-bomber + little Bodypieces

5 Mana 5/5
"Whenever a minion enters the field, deal 1 damage to Abominator and summon a Fleshling on a random space nearby."

Fleshling Battle Pet 2/3
This Battle Pet dies at the end of your next turn.
Dying wish: “Deal 2 damage to enemy minions and Generals nearby.

This so for dem spicy memes and to replace Kron-kun.

  • Eating and Growing

4 Mana 2/3
Opening Gambit: "_Destroy random minion nearby. If this happens, this minion gains +2/+2."
Dying Wish: “Give +2/+2 to random friendly minion nearby


8 Mana 2/3
Opening Gambit: Destroy all minions nearby. If 2 or more minions are destroyed, Abominator gains +2/+2 for every minion destroyed.


Since this creature is called Abominator as in it abominates something i have an idea.

in the line of Eating:
Abominator- 4 mana (2/3)
"do not take damage from minions, whenever this minion kills another minion it eats it and store it inside itself up to a maximum of 3.

Dying Wish: resummon the minion it eats in an abominated state.

Abominated: every health the minion have will be converted to damage leaving 1 health and it’s damage will be combination of it’s natural damage + converted health.

counterplay: spells that transforms and or dispell it will nulify the minions that it already eats, it has relatively low stat and are used as a finisher. even though Abominator cannot be damaged by minions, it can still die to a deathstrike seal.


Good idea but the wording is a bit off…does the pet get health or the minion?